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    So, I've been looking around these areas for a while now. Since that I finally got Minecraft, I'm thinking of modding warrior cats!


    I am learning to code and already got the basics down. I just need your guys to help to make this possible! Hopefully, it will become possible :)

      Villagers can become twolegs and that the villages are little towns. We will need a skin overhaul for it
      We need some more cat skin ideas!
      We can build clans like Thunderclan for example. Then the player can choose which clan they want to go into
      The player becomes a cat when they join a world
      There needs to be a portal that the player can go into to make it into Warrior cats
      Minecarts can become monsters and the rails can be a road
      When the player dies, they go to StarClan or the dark forest based on their karma
      There will be a karma thing like RDR2 where it tells you if you did something good or bad like killing another cat
      We need textures for herbs!
      The player can become a deputy based on the chances. Like, if they mentored at least one apprentice then they get to become deputy
      Kits are born every 10 Minecraft days
      When you are a kit, you stay a kitten for 2 Minecraft days, when you are an apprentice, you have to complete your training (quests are for that), then you complete your assessment which then you get to become a warrior
      Events are possible that I may add into the game so be sure to log in because I will always make an update of a quest!
    This is what I hope so far that could happen! If you guys are willing to help make this possible or spread some ideas around, that would be great!
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    Is this still alive? Lol

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