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    posted a message on How do I port foward on an Xfinity Wirless Gateway?
    Okay so I recently got the Xfinity Wireless Gateway (Its a router/modem combo). I've used an ethernet cable and hooked up my computer and now I want to host a small server. I know that there is a manual for this modem, but i need to know how to port foward specifically for a minecraft server. I searched on Google but couldn't seem to find anything so I'm hoping somebody here can help. Thanks.
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    posted a message on The awkward moment with redstone when....
    That akward moment when you come up with an awesome idea, but some famous YouTuber posts that idea before you can.
    Happens all the time -_-
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    posted a message on Strongestcraft (Xray resource packs, updated Apr. 27th 2015! Works with FTB, TFC & more mods!)
    To the people asking "can you make it so [insert block type here] can be seen without having to be touching air?":

    With the way Minecraft renders blocks currently, that is impossible (I think). So stop asking.
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    posted a message on Harder Hard!
    Ok, so in the latest snapshot, zombies break down doors on hard difficulty. Cool. "Hard" difficulty is still too easy. A few suggestions:

    - Mobs have more health per difficulty. For example, on "Easy", they have the same amount they have now, on "Normal", they have 4-5 more hearts, and on "Hard", they have 8-10 hearts more than they have on "Easy".
    - Mobs can see further on harder difficulties. For example, on "Easy", they would be able to see 16 blocks, on "Normal", they would be able to see you from 32 blocks away, and on "Hard", they would be able to see you from 64 blocks away.
    - Less knockback on harder difficulties. For example, on "Easy", they would have the same amount/a little bit more knockback than they have now, on "Normal", they would have slightly less than they have now, and on "Hard" they would have little (if any) knockback.
    - Mobs will rarely spawn wearing armor/using weapons. What I mean by this is in the newest snapshot, mobs have a chance of dropping rare items such as armor, tools, weapons, etc. Instead of just randomly dropping the items, mobs should rarely spawn using the items. So basically, you would be able to see zombies wearing chestplates (which would make them stronger, of course) and skeletons using enchanted bows occasionally. On harder difficulties, mobs would have a higher chance of spawning with these items, making them harder to fight on "Hard" and "Normal" but making their drops more rewarding. (Sorry if this part doesn't make sense, I wasn't sure how to explain it)
    - Better AI on harder difficulties. Mobs would be able to try to dodge attacks/projectiles and sneak up behind players. Also, on "Hard" difficulty, skeletons would be able to shoot through glass and break it, and spiders would try to get onto your roof and pounce on you when you leave for the morning.

    That's all that I could think of. Do you think this is too overpowered? Please respond!
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