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    posted a message on [1.9] [Windows] Minecraft AutoMap - Advanced Realtime Map
    What does the patching of the minecraft automapper do? Just wondering
    a simple explanation will do.
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    posted a message on a reasonable suggestion, PLEASE hear me through (golemns)
    its good to reuse the code of mob attacking mob
    eg when this happen is when skele shot some other mob, that mob will chase the skele down,
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    posted a message on Another "HIM" topic(please do not delete)
    we should called HIM "he who shall not be named"... from now on
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    posted a message on Minecraft Clones: Make Ideas not War
    Minecraft Clones: Make Ideas not War :tnt:

    This topic is not created to bash Minecraft clones rather than that, this is created to show support of their very existence and generate new ideas for programmers to create minecraft clones but using different directions, concept and ideas, but the utilising foundation of Minecraft as the basis.

    Minecraft foundation consist of:
    - You mine the material you used to build
    - You craft tools with the material you gathered
    - You build [anything] with the material you gathered
    - Everything is blocks
    - The world is randomly generated and almost infinite
    - There is monster at night
    // There is animal during the day Edit: These is removed from the foundations as not really necessary
    - Lastly there is a minecart with tracks

    [This may be an incompleted list of minecraft anyone may suggest additions to the minecraft foundation]

    New ideas and directions:
    - Rather than randomly generated wild caves mountains minecraft is using, using randomly generated 'human-made' dungeon and some signs of civilisation such as ruins or pryamids with the same concept as minecraft, We call it ..."Archeological Digger" added a new resource called Dinousaur/Human bones. And build your own relic/ruins/wonders and let others to dig :Skeleton: by 'yours truly'

    I believe many people have many awesome ideas of Minecraft clones deep down inside.
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    posted a message on [Biomes] Project Genesis - Vanilla(ish)[99.9% UT][50 Slots]
    giving you a heads up, will be joining here when i get back from work.
    see ya.
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    posted a message on Shadowcraft [23/7] [Public] [Chest-locking] [Runecraft]
    Quote from Shadow771 »
    The problem with railways is the minecart causes EXTREME lag on the server.

    yea so i heard from other server i applied to build metrosystem. seems like minecard doesnt really work on SMP yet.

    sadface: probably i'll be a slave miner , don't mind mining for the sake of mining :Notch:
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    posted a message on "Minecraft Omega" 64+,24/7,biomes,map,nowhitelist,forums,ts
    ign: stevetronik

    I wish to join as I am looking for a SMP server, first time joining an SMP game.
    Looking for a server to be able to be dedicated to

    Building objectives:
    -Implement a railway/subway/metro system for the infrastructure (if not already implemented)
    -build a home
    -build something big (unplanned project)
    -light RP if possible.
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    posted a message on Shadowcraft [23/7] [Public] [Chest-locking] [Runecraft]
    Quote from SilkyZ »
    Server project idea!

    Who wants to help me build a rail line connecting the whole map?

    Edit: I am thinking of a partial surface and underground Metro system, something like Metro 2033.

    Hi, I am looking for a server to work on a railway system project, Can i Join in as part of the team?

    @Shadow : I would like to join your server as a regular player (probably since this is my first time joining a SMP server)
    with the above stating my objective in-game.

    ign: stevetronik edit: oh wait... its public.. well just giving you the heads up if you see me inside
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    posted a message on Seacraft [submarine, waterproof lighting .... atlantis]
    Diver's Headpiece
    [] :GoldBar: []
    :GoldBar: :Glass: :GoldBar:
    :GoldBar: :GoldBar: :GoldBar:

    Diver's Body (Armour)
    :GoldBar: [] :GoldBar:
    [leather] [leather] [leather]
    :GoldBar: :GoldBar: :GoldBar:

    Diver's Bottom (Pants)
    :GoldBar: :GoldBar: :GoldBar:
    [leather] [] [leather]
    :GoldBar: [] :GoldBar:

    Diver's Weighted Boots
    [] [] []
    :GoldBar: [] :GoldBar:
    :stone: [] :stone:

    Yellow Submarine
    [Goldblock] [Goldblock] [Goldblock]
    [Goldblock] :Glass: :Iron:
    [Goldblock] [Goldblock] [Goldblock]
    (i need something more creative than this)
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    posted a message on Seacraft [submarine, waterproof lighting .... atlantis]
    yeah i found the post, it was on about oceans. but at a different degree, meaning rather than the usual amount of water (which i think is a lot) they want more water in the size of like ocean. My this idea came from the large water area i encountered near my new site of operation. i made a boat, i sail, i went for a swim, almost drown because its deep and dark, and hence i feel that this part can have alot of features to be added, it has potential.

    My idea is not to make something soo drastic that it strays from original gameplay, but rather a few tools and object to make the water a explorable region, possibly after fishing, rather than on the SURFACE of the water, we go INTO the water. The must have are diving suit if not add in the yellow submarine which i think is cool. and something that drains water and strutucture that you can "insta-build in the seabed" to become your underwater base of operation

    edit: rather than instabuild, i thought of making something like a floating platform that will sinks into the water like RAPTURE. oh noes, too much bioshock... :tongue.gif:, well it allows people to build "extensively" underwater.

    + with submarine or diving suit, we need water chambers.

    hope its not TL;DR
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    posted a message on Seacraft [submarine, waterproof lighting .... atlantis]
    I was thinking while playing minecraft alpha and realised that water (especially under it) are being quite neglected. although there is craftable boat. Please forgive me if someone already posted this idea, I had this idea, and just create a forum account to post this idea out loud.

    Below are my Idea in pointform

    Boat + :GoldBar: + :Glass: = Yellow Submarine
    - We shall venture into the water

    :Glass: + :Glass: + :Glass: + alot :Glass: = underwater dome
    alowing miners to build underwater atlantis city along thoes lines.

    Yellow Submarine with the soon to be added fishes are good together visually
    - stuff like seaweeds and corals are must have but, pretty useless since there is a nubmer of block type limitation, just thinking out loud.

    Water pump
    Manually: use fist (punch) to drive it or something with an engine that consumes coal like the furnace. to drain water out.

    Underwater lighting, IT IS SOO DARK IN THE WATER.

    Diving suit = :GoldBar: + :Iron: + :GoldBar: + alot :GoldBar: making gold useful for diving since it doesnt rust.
    FINALLY the most important thing. DIVING SUIT. preferable similar to thoes of the bioshock big daddy kind. hence going into water doesnt drown you.

    I hope notch see this
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