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    The bosses are pretty interesting, each with its own arsenal of skills. But meh on the story, not what you meant by 'EPIC'. Pretty bland. I like how you execute the bosses though, the design on each boss is simple and pretty good. I'll be sure to pick up a few ideas here and there for my own map. :D

    The map, although short, was quite nice to sit down and play around. The level design was a bit bland but nonetheless pretty entertaining to venture around. It's neat and some effort was obviously put into making this map come to life. The mechanics such as the Crafting Shop and particle effects were pretty interesting.

    The map is all-round a good for grabs when you wanna fill some time in. But I don't find me replaying this map for a long time.
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    I have a small issue with setting the scenery and the general atmosphere of the spawning point of my adventure map. It's going to be a small project and hopefully I can finish it.

    I'll give you some pictures and the general storyline of what happened. I need your help in telling me what to rework on in the area because I'm still new to adventure map making and I wanna get used to things quickly : and what better way than to get help from other map makers.

    Screenshots below. The first picture is an aerial view of the spawn while the second picture is the first-person view when you spawn in the wagon and just getting out.

    I need help getting the atmosphere to fit with this plotline :

    On your way back to your homeland, you have been ambushed by several bandits. You were knocked unconscious within the rocking wagon and wake up to what's left of the firey remains of the wagon. You exit and take a look around the site. The field is dark with several craters caused by what I assumed to be fireballs. Scorching fire still linger scattered along the fields.

    Well that's the general picture. I've been trying a lot of times to get a suitable type of terraformed land but I can't seem to find one that fits. I'm probably having several problems or not doing something right.

    I'm targetting towards a sort of a fantasy/medieval setting with a dark atmosphere.

    Thanks for any help! *_*
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    Oh sweet. Thanks a lot. i forgot about scoreboards! I meed to look into those again. Thanks.
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    I'm making a sort of map which features four different classes for four players.

    Basically each players have their own skillset that sync with each other and I want the individual classes to access ONLY their own skills, using writable book commands where you write words in the book and close it to use spells.The problem with this is that, other players might just write down the spells of their friends and use spells that they're not suppose to own.

    Is there a way to allow only a certain player to access his/her own arsenal of skills?
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    Quote from MikeA

    Most large servers use Spigot, but people need to keep in mind that Craftbukkit is the reason Spigot is there; They both deserve the appreciation.

    Ah.. I've only started research into Spigot myself before reading this. Spigot is supposedly a better version of Bukkit, no doubt I'd choose spigot of course. I'll research into spigot more.
    Quote from JiNJaProductionz
    I'm my own plugin developer :P Recruit? You set up the server in the start and let 'em come to you and apply

    You might have to wait for a real long while. The server is only really early planning stage and no real effort in the actual server building is made at the moment. At best, it will begin by around this coming next year, or the year after that.
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    No, I'm not doing a server now. I just want to plan and prepare when the perfect time comes!

    I have a LOT of ideas! And a lot of works needs to be done! (Waa)

    I have a lot of questions to be honest but I'd answer them myself overtime. I just wanna ask other server owners that owns/owned servers currently/before about how they set up their servers. Like how do you guys go through the process of setting a multiplayer server, did you recruit your people? Did you have your own team of plugin developers?

    Also, which is better, bukkit or spigot? I"d be using this thread for general discussions.

    To end this, just wanna say, I'm gonna name my server as Further and Deeper. It could be considered a minigame server. I don't wanna reveal my ideas. :3

    EDIT : Maybe not further and deeper. I'll think of something else haha.
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    The title explains it all,

    I used a pretty old hotmail I had back then when I made the account. (I never opened the hotmail for quite the while)
    After the hotmail revamped to Microsoft Outlook or some stuff, my email is now gone!

    The email I use it [email protected]
    What do I do? ._.
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    Quote from Tocaraca2

    I love this story. Nearly as much as my war of the nether mutants story, which I have already made 3 parts for. I thought it was a dream, and it was. It seemed like a night terror I sometimes get, even though I can hardly ever remember my night terrors. But I would keep to the past tense, because I am just much more used to it, and it just seems to make more sense and seems more like a story when it is in the past tense. But maybe that's because it was a nightmare, not real life. I'm glad the girl didn't die in real life. Really tense and hooked me as I was reading it. I loved the way you described everything with the blood and the foggy corridor.

    (Totally did not expect a bump)
    Thanks a lot for your feedback! It's kinda predictable its a nightmare from both the story concept and the title really.
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    Before you make an adventure map, I highly recommend you toy around with the commands like summon or some tools like Worledit and VoxelSniper. Also, you should try making small builds like towers, houses which are not part of your map to train up your architecture level. If you feel like it, you can join the Mithrinthia server (google it up), the server is dedicated to building and the staff will provide feedback on your builds.

    You should be able to create good architectural builds, constant entertaining action, beautiful lands to fit an adventure map.
    Adventure maps are usually based around travelling lands but duration of gameplay should never be too long. At max of 3 hours should be fine, go further if you feel like it, as long as the player would not get tired.

    You have a long way to go.
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    This thread really needs a lot of editing..
    Like seriously.. o_o
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    21st November, 2013 - The Destined!
    Hey! Just finished my first chapter!
    I have a lot of free time in my hands so I might place a quick patch and edit most things especially the prologue, as stated by caaniganin, in literature the day after today (aka. Tommorow) and make quick adjustments and improvements!

    Since my Chapter 1 feels kinda weird and the pace was a bit too fast, I was thinking I'll do a rewrite on it then move on to the next chapter. Whatever you guys think, please leave it as a comment, thanks!

    Which means, for better experience, you should not read what I posted now!
    Though you still should, I need feedback on it!
    I hope you likes!
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    Finished that chapter 11 and I be like, uh oh is the guy going to be a skeleton.
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    Quote from dejers

    Wow, 0_0 That is a messed up beginning. So intriguing!

    That's the idea of the beginning. If I could give you a nice first impression, you'll want to read more. :D
    Thanks for the feedback~
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    posted a message on Minefic: Legacy—Story List and Writing Help (Reformatting Help Needed, Check Thread)
    Title: The Journeys of Jake : The Blade of Infinity
    Author: stevefox74
    Description: When the world fell under the treachorous rule of the Ender, the Blade of Infinity appears and vanquished evil, putting peace to the lands of Minecraftia. Just as we think peace could last forever, a sudden disaster struck, plunging the world 1000 years prior to the last disaster into chaos once more as the Ender begins their second conquest to rule the lands. Follow Jake through journeys that puts him at more risks than one to obtain the shards to build the Blade of Infinity.
    Progress: In progress
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    14nd November, 2013 - Prologue II!
    I just finished the prologue real fast!
    The next few updates will follow the usual, one-update-per-week routine!
    I hope you enjoy! Ta-ta!
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