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If you are here, then you must be one of the dudes that stalk me and increases the amount of profile views I get.
Which is scary that I actually got a lot.

Anyway, I like foxes, which generally explains my pic and all.
I can do parkour.
I can build moderately.
I am experiencing redstone and find it interesting. If anything, I would totally work to be a skilled redstoner in the future.
I can write literature. If you check the literature section, you would see my stories. This also explains my gentlemanly writing.

Still reading? I've got nothing more.
I don't feel like doing stuff to my profile. Let's wait until I get a bit more popular, shall we?
Interests Minecraft, Terraria, Counter Strike, COD : Black OPs, COD : Modern Warfare 3, Diablo III, Books and novels and such.

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