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    posted a message on Does minecraft use the TCP or UDP protocol for port forwarding?
    ResilientHosting is not wrong. TCP is a non-optimal choice for networked multiplayer, because it adds an incredibly heavy framework over the standard IP interface. UDP may lose packets, but there's no framework demanding that they all be received, and that they're in the right order. TCP does not supply a direct connection, but emulates one, and that involves sending lots of unnecessary data, and resending lots of potentially large packets(for multiplayer games. Most other services need that structure). And mixing UDP and TCP isn't a solution, because TCP has a tendency to greatly increase packet loss in UDP.

    tl;dr TCP is not unviable for online multiplayer, but it is DEFINITELY not optimal (like a lot of minecraft code). Mojang's use of TCP would explain why minecraft servers have a tendency to be incredibly laggy, as well... More so than other games...
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