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    posted a message on Eraclashmc looking for staff. New server in development stages. We are in need of staff members and a developer with experience.

    Admin Application

    Age: 14
    Where are you from? Melbourne, Australia
    What languages can you speak? English and a tiny bit amount of French
    IGN: Ty_Mase
    Discord: Tyler#4617
    Tell us something about yourself: I am a musician and i play Trumpet, I love music it's my passion and i also love video games, I have been playing them my whole life and i love to play them with people and have fun.
    Why do want to be staff on this server?: Because i love meeting new people and having fun and i would love to be a help to this amazing server.
    Do you have any past experience: I have been Co-Owner on a server called PandaLair but it unfortunately got shutdown and i have been mod/admin on other servers.
    How long can you be on ever week?: Weekdays minimum an hour Weekends: As long as i can be on except for sundays. i might be on hor 30min but it's hard cause of activities but saturday i can definitely play.
    What can you do that other can’t?: I think i am a very friendly person and i can always help someone and not many people can do that (I think) and i just think ill be a big help to the server and keeping toxic people out of the server.

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    posted a message on Need server builders

    Hey dude i can help build if you would like that

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