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    posted a message on Looking for a Plugin Dev who can make/edit any bukkit/spigot plugin.

    i cant make plugins but i can get plugins for you and i only charge maybe $2-5 a month but in steam money if u can thats all i can do soz if its no help

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    posted a message on [-- Energetic OP Prison --] [-- HIRING HELPERS & BUILDERS --]

    Age - 12

    Country - Australia

    Timezone - idk(sorry)

    How much time and effort will you dedicate to the server? - as much as u want me to

    How long have you been playing Minecraft? - since 2011

    When you are given a task, do you try your best to finish it? Why? - if its a HUMONGUS building at most a month if its big ish maybe a week if its small a day

    How can we contact you? - Skype me: minionsteph or email me: [email protected]

    Why apply for this server rather than the one below? Because i thought any server needs help so why not you?

    Are you unique? How are you unique? im unique because ive played since basically beta and i know basically everything in the game

    Why should we choose you over the next/previous person? Because i am loyal friendly and not rude or mean

    Any other information? I guess im good a building and i can help with other stuff but its up to you
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    posted a message on ♛♛♛Kingdom Server♛♛♛ ♜♜♜NEED ALOT OF STAFF♜♜♜
    -Minecraft Username: steph53804[/b]

    -Age: 12[/b]

    -Experience- I have been Staff on around 10 - 15 other servers[/b]

    -Are you still staff on another server, if so what server: I am staff on Skylinemc (its new), but some of them have closed down or they didnt need me that much but i was still there to help.[/b]

    -What can you bring to this server: I can bring many people who are nice dont grief and dont steal and dont abuse.[/b]

    -Say 3 words that describe you: Funny, Nice, Caring.[/b]

    -Skype Name: minionsteph[/b]

    Hope i can join your team! (tell me ip on skype)[/b]
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    posted a message on Looking For Skype Friends (you will be admin in my server)

    Skype: minionsteph

    IGN: steph53804

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    posted a message on Recruiting Staff for New Server

    Age: 12[/b]

    IGN: steph53804[/b]

    Email: [email protected][/b]

    Skype: minionsteph[/b]

    Previous staff experience: I have been staff on around 10 other server as in: Mod, Head mod, Builder, Head Builder, Dev Admin, Head Admin, Co-owner.[/b]

    What can you do for us?: I can help stop abusers people who swear and i can help build if you want and i can be helpful as much as i can.[/b]

    Why should we choose you?: Because i am very Helpful and i don't swear and i play by the rules.[/b]

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    posted a message on Minecraft Capes! [Multiplayer Capes/Cloaks][www.MCCapes.com][Cape Gallery] + Transparent/Animated!
    SOOOOOOO awesome i finnaly have a cape and other people can see it to its epic
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