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    To make Luminescence clearer, it would make the light reach further.

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    The idea is that the players are given the ability to enchant some blocks. Here are some ideas!

    Please note that it is very hard to make an idea seem minecrafty, and many of these are probably bad ideas and would seem strange when actually implemented. I'd love criticism on the ideas though: I'm a game designer working on my own game and would appreciate any method of learning.

    1. Dispensers - Power, Punch, etc...
    2. Chests, Ender Chests, Barrels - Size
    3. Shulker boxes - Size, Inception
      1. This would allow us to put another shulker box in the enchanted one.

    4. Hoppers - Size, Sorting
      1. This would allow us to sort non-stackable items: The hopper would only accept the kinds of items already in the hopper. The enchanted hopper does not directly take the items: instead the accepted items would go directly to the block the hopper leads to. If the hopper leads nowhere, the item pops out.

    5. Anvils - Unbreaking, Mending
      1. The mending anvil would absorb XP orbs in a small radius.
        1. The player could be given the ability to craft experience bottles, maybe in an enchanting table?

    6. Pistons - Reach
      1. Obviously this would allow the pistons to reach further. Has a few different stages.

    7. Torches, Glowstone, Campfires, Lanterns - Luminescence
    8. Beacons - Luminescence, Reflection, Detection, Heat
      1. Reflection: Can be placed sideways and upside down. If another beacon beam hits this beacon, it reflects it to the direction it's facing.
      2. Detection: If a mob or a player crosses the beacon, a redstone signal is emitted.
      3. Heat: Does fire damage. If the beacon is reflected and hits a block, that block can catch fire if it's flammable.

    9. Scaffolding - Reach
      1. Increases the amount of distance scaffolding can be placed horizontally without falling.

    10. Bed - Safety
      1. Allows the player to sleep when monsters are around.

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    sorry, this meant to go in the creative mode category

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    Hi! I'm Santeri Salovaara.
    Wanna collaborate on a creative build?
    not really for any particular purpose, just building for building's sake

    The build in question is a space station. It's rather large, and it would be nice to have some company.

    My discord: SanteriSalovaara#5920

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    The way it works never changed, the texture was just changed to the original texture which describes the mechanic better.

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    Private SMP. Sort of like Hermitcraft. You get the picture.


    1. Be at least 13
    2. Don't grief, steal, or murder.
    3. Don't live in someone else's yard.
    4. Don't break the rules.


    1. Age
    2. Minecraft username
    3. Discord username (Example#1234)
    4. Do you understand the rules and agree to abide by them?
    5. How often you can play
    6. Your YouTube channel if you're a content creator
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