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    posted a message on Kingdom Of Ores SMP - For Youtubers Looking To Collab! - Vanilla Based/Custom Jar - Over 2 Years Old! - Just Started Season 5!

    Youtube Name: Squidmann16
    Youtube Channel Link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQ54X0yN5ivm7gZlB9Md8eg
    IGN: Squidmann16
    Location(Country/Time Zone): USA Mountain Time
    How long has your channel been up?: Three years (first video was May 9th 2012)
    How much time can you spend on the server on a weekly basis?: Probably a couple hours a day depending on my work schedule. More on days off.
    Any previous SMPs?: Yes. one called Astrocraft
    If so why did you leave?: Eventually no one was online anymore and the guy running it shut it down.

    I haven't had any Minecraft videos on my channel in a while.

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    posted a message on MindCrack Style Server! [24/7] [LAG FREE!] [Whitelist]
    Name: squid
    *Age: 16
    *Minecraft IGN: squidmann16
    *Skype: squidmann16
    *YouTube Channel: squidmann16 (yea... I use that alot.)
    *Location: Idaho
    *Average Online Time: Atleast 5 hours a day
    *Some important Computer Specs (Processor, RAM, etc): Idk. a standard dell? whatever that has.
    *What is the quality of your Microphone?: Ok-medium.
    *Program used to Record?: Fraps
    Favorite MindCrack Player: Doc or Kurt
    What do you think your BEST MineCraft trait is?: Exploration and nether travel.
    What do you think your BEST personality trait is?: I can sometimes be funny.
    If you had to describe yourself in 1-2 words, what would those words be?: Squid and Man
    Why should you be chosen over someone else? I have had expirence with a mindcrack type server before, and I am an active youtuber.
    On a scale of -1 to 10, how Social are you?: 1 if im acctually talking to someone and 5ish if i cant actually see them.
    Draw a Creeper in MSPaint in under 1 minutes: AHHH. i cant draw well...
    Last things you want me to know!: I hope that you accept me and im looking forward to working with you.
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    posted a message on Blightcraft Episode 6: Testing out The Arena
    Hey guys. Just wanted to share this Video Of me and some of the members of the Blightcraft Server testing out the arena we made for the server. Hope you guys enjoy.

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    posted a message on Funny, Strange, Frustrating, or Unusual Ways You've Died.
    I got a funny way I've died. I was mining obsidian with some water around to turn any lava underneath into more obsidian. I was Directly above the Obsidian I was mining (I know... Don't mine staight down) and as the obsidian broke, I fell through faster than the water turned the lava underneath into obsidian. Basicly, I got trapped underneath the Obsidian I was counting on to save me...
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    posted a message on Searching for Blaze Rods
    Quote from IronMagus

    As Dan mentioned above, blazes can be found in nether fortresses. They don't spawn naturally, only from the mob spawners found in the fortresses, so you won't find any just roaming the nether. So in order to get your blaze rods, you're going to have to explore the nether until you find a fortress, and then explore the fortress until you find the spawner. The fortresses themselves tend to generate in "strips" running along north-south lines (parallel to the z axis) so to find one, you should explore either east-west or diagonally. If you just explore north-south you're likely to run along forever between two of these strips without ever crossing one.

    I didnt know that about the east-west generation. That's interesting. Also, you don't need a blaze spawner to find blaze's, you just need the nether brick from the fortress, although the spawner does speed things up quite a bit.
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    posted a message on Squid VS Wild Survival Challenge!
    Allright guys. I have a challenge for you. Basicly, you have to find a village before you die in hardcore mode. You can only craft tools up to stone rank, you need to drink at least one bottle of water each day and night, you cant build a shelter so at night you need to find a cave or some other suitable area, and if you are in a snowy biome at night you need to keep a furnace burning throughout the night. If you want, you can take a look at my YouTube channel in my signature to see how I do it. Link in my signature. Hope you guys enjoy!
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    posted a message on Squidmann16's very own minecraft LP
    Hey guys. I just wsnted to advertise my youtube channel. Link in my signature. I mostly show off stuff ive built in my main world, a little series i call squid vs wild, and playing on a mindcrack-type server called blightcraft. Please check out my channel if you get a chance. I really would appreciate it.
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    posted a message on Funny things that people say in MC
    Quote from Onarik

    That Herobrine is real, followed by the server owner setting up a fake Herobrine attack.

    Playing along was so much fun.

    That server owner is my new hero.
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    posted a message on I'm having trouble with FRAPS and Youtube...
    I know that if I try to edit my video with the windows movie maker on my computer, then the video winds up looking smaller when I upload it to youtube, so I have just stopped editing videos. :P
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    posted a message on Need Youtube Partners ( 4 Max )
    IGN: squidmann16

    Age:16 (is the 12-15 age thing arbitrary?)

    Skype: squidmann16

    Are you going to be active: yes

    Are you going to have a positive attitude: deffinatly

    Why do you wanna work with me: Because you seem like a cool guy, and i like working with cool guys

    In game specialty's: adventuring/exploration
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    posted a message on BlightCraft - Mindcrack like server (Accepting Applications)
    Minecraft name: squidmann16
    Age(16+): 16
    Skype: squidmann16
    Small description about you: I really like videogames, and I really enjoy making videos.
    Why you want to join: I think that I could help out the server and they might be able to help me.
    Attach your best video WITH commentary
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    posted a message on Jungle Treehouse Complex [Map Download]
    This looks really good. I wish I was able to build like this.
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    posted a message on Is it possible to farm endermen?
    Quote from Hunnimonster

    Watch docm77 video about it or Etho's video

    I think that he is trying to farm endermen to get to the end, so this wont work. Their traps are in the end.
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    posted a message on Way to print ingame maps?
    Quote from Lochar67

    yeah the map made ingame, and I thought about that idea too but was hoping to find something to get just map info....I like marking spots on it where I would like to return.

    If you wanted, you could do like he said, take a screenshot, but instead of uploading it to some image sharing website, just open up the pic with mspaint or some other program like that and use that to mark your map. This way you save time, and you also save paper and ink.
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    posted a message on What should I put in my basement?
    I would suggest a little library. Of course, if you dont like books then that might not be a good option. Just dont forget the hidden lever for a secret room!
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