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    posted a message on TU43 Xbox One Seed - TGIF! (11 villages, 3 igloos, 2 surface spawners, 4 ocean monuments, and more)

    Xbox One, Large World.

    Seed Name: Friday

    Images: http://imgur.com/a/d8Hbj

    This seed spawns you next to a redwood forest, some mountains, and a small village out on a peninsula so it's easy to build out and defend. Near spawn are a skeleton spawner, a zombie spawner, and an abandoned mineshaft. There are 3 villages on the immediate 3x3 map area and 11 total villages in the world. There are also two surface spawners - a zombie is nearby a mesa biome in the extreme southeast of the world and a skeleton one is less than a map's distance to the southwest of spawn.

    Nether: If you build a portal by spawn it drops you in the only Nether Fortress.

    End: The Stronghold is located less than a map's distance away from spawn to the southeast (Around X 998, Z 722). I was safe to dig straight down there into a hallway. The stairs nearby at the end of the hallway lead to the End Portal. Around the corner the other way is a library that also had a dungeon spawn in it apparently. (X 980, Y, 38, Z 737) There is also another library 10 levels down at X 1029, Y 28, Z 753. I was safe to dig further straight down at the X 998, Z 722 original coordinates. Sometimes I've seen where Strongholds can vary randomly so no guarantees anything is safe there.

    Below are the coordinates for everything. Above the --- lines mean they are located in the 3x3 map area from spawn and below the --- means they are outside the 3x3 area in the world.


    X -1228, Y 67, Z 876 (right next to a Desert Temple)
    X -444, Y 65, Z -1027 (savannah/acacia style)
    X 615, Y 76, Z -852 (hillside, normal style, has a blacksmith with obsidian and iron)
    X 1392, Y 70, Z 2210 (savannah/acacia style, near a mesa biome and surface zombie spawner)
    X 2260, Y 70, Z 759 (desert style, has blacksmith with nothing special)
    X 1685, Y 65, Z 1307 (normal style, decent size, has blacksmith with nothing special)
    X 2428, Y 72, Z -1202 (savannah/acacia style, decent size (12 farms), just about at world edge)
    X 2292, Y 69, Z -750 (desert style, no blacksmith, has a big church)
    X 206, Y 69, Z -1963 (normal style, no blacksmith, has a big church)
    X -1420, Y 68, Z -1938 (normal style, has a blacksmith with obsidian and iron)
    X -765, Y 71 Z 1653 (savannah/acacia style, small, has big church and blacksmith with nothing special)

    Skeleton Dungeons:
    X 274, Y 42, X 167 (very near spawn - block ocean off, dig straight down)
    X -1135, Y 63, Z 467 (right on surface, one block of sand covering spawner and chests)

    Zombie Dungeons:
    X 265, Y 40, Z 206 (very near spawn, safe to dig down)
    X 1259, Y 60, Z 2335 (right on surface, in a mesa biome with an surface mineshaft and nearby village)

    X 251, Y 33, Z 281 (near spawn, safe to dig down into a mineshaft tunnel)

    Desert Temples:
    X 250, Y 75, Z -1431
    X -1206, Y 75, Z 843 (right next to desert village)
    X 2170, Y 75, Z 891 (almost buried)
    X 2330, Y 75, Z -1799
    X 2331, Y 75, Z -934

    Ocean Monuments:
    X -345, Y 63, Z -279 (same map as spawn, in the ocean Northeast of spawn village, not near land at all)
    X 135, Y 63, Z 809
    X -1272, Y 63, Z -679
    X 2169, Y 62, Z -2265

    X 1333, Y 69, Z -903 (no lab)
    X 629, Y 65, Z -2343 (has a lab)
    X 1173, Y 64, Z -1879 (has a lab)

    Witch Huts:
    X -941, Y 75, Z 769 (tucked mostly under a tree)
    X -2398, Y 70, Z -1884

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    posted a message on Xbox One TU31 Large Map seed with 13 diamonds near spawn

    WARNING: There is a chance that all or some of the info below may not be accurate after the February 2016 patch that 4J released. Part of my full-world map I link to below was generated incorrectly and poorly in my Survival copy of this seed. See this thread for details: http://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/minecraft-xbox-one-edition/mcxone-discussion/2615569-world-generation-changed-changes-with-latest-patch


    Seed: -2009079104

    Credit for the seed goes to this Youtube video creator:

    1:25 or so in the video shows where the diamonds are near spawn.

    Link to the image of the map built from Xbox One screenshots photoshopped together since we can't do map walls currently: I'll update it with a cleaner copy perhaps once that bug is fixed.


    Way, way too much ocean but most worlds look like this it seems. Would be nice to have larger solid continents with some oceans instead of 25 Xbox 360 maps stitched together. Spawn is in the middle obviously, Village locations are in red.

    Here are the coordinates of various things on the map:

    X 1379, Y 72, Z 1636 (small, no blacksmith)
    X 1266, Y 68, Z 2163 (large with no blacksmith)
    X -958, Y 73, Z 2308
    X -1966, Y 69, Z -2258
    X -2303, Y 71, Z -372

    Zombie Spawner:

    X 152, Y 33, Z 443 (safe dig straight down)
    X 28, Y 16, Z 49 (safe dig straight down w/ small fall halfway)
    X 300, Y 15, Z 140 (safe dig straight down, barely on the island)
    X -1585, Y 49, Z -2305 (very near surface, safe dig straight down with very small fall halfway)

    X -1664, Y 17, Z -1795
    X -1695, Y 29, Z -1839

    X -1625, Y 17, Z -1933

    X 158, Y 52, Z -1088 (in a hole on the ocean floor)

    Skeleton Spawner:

    X -1705, Y 58, Z -2098 (very near surface, near ocean in desert, safe dig straight down)

    X -1980, Y 19, Z -2333

    X -2248, Y 13, Z -2239

    Spider Spawner:

    X 73, Y 33, Z 97 (under ocean)

    Pig Spawner:

    X -2521, Y 19, Z -1538 (in a dungeon)


    X -32, Y 27, Z 148
    X -23, Y 23, Z 166
    X -31, Y 32, Z 132


    X 139, Y 17, Z 254 (8 near spawn)
    X 156, Y 14, Z 268 (5 near spawn)
    X 76, Y 15, Z 52

    Desert Temples:

    X 154, Y 75, Z -150 (island)
    X 794, Y 66, Z -1878

    X 794, Y 66, Z 266

    X -1846, Y 66, Z -2198

    X 1306 Y:66 Z -2294

    Ocean Monuments:

    X 199, Y 57, Z 151
    X 200, Y 57, Z 151
    X -265, Y 57, Z -232
    X -1929, Y 57, Z 1352
    X 232, Y 57, Z -1496
    X -665, Y 57, Z -376

    X -1161, Y 57, Z -1353

    Witch Huts:

    X 1571, Y 68, Z 2356

    Ice Spikes Biomes:

    X -1837, Y 76, Z 1722
    X -1461, Y 83, Z 626

    Abandoned Mineshafts:
    X -1582, Y 64, Z -2278 (cave to enter, just go straight in and down, starts at Y 39)

    X: 311, Y: 52, Z: 363 (closer to spawn)


    X 1036, Y 75, Z 179 (In this general location but it seems Strongholds can vary? Don't assume it's safe to dig straight down)

    Nether Fortress: (NOTE: Apparently Fortress location can vary?)
    X -161, Y 76, Z 218 (Nether Coordinates)
    X -1249, Y 64, Z 1777 (Overworld Coordinates)

    If anyone finds anything else interesting (ESP surface spawners) please post here and let me know.

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    posted a message on If I load my survival thread in creative mode, look around, then quit without saving, will achievements be disabled?
    Quote from Triggaaar»

    Yeah I had a look on YT and saw the cages you talk of. Should I go looking for caves to find one, or just assume I'll bump into one while branch mining (I'm probably doing that too low to see them)?

    The problem with finding a spinner is that I have to be there to do the mining, rather than have it near home, but I guess if they're efficient I don't need to be there long.

    Usually waiting 10-15 mins to let the mobs build up gets you a handful of levels. Rinse, repeat. But the point of these is you aren't there to "do" anything except stand there watching them build up and then kill them. There are zones you need to be in so you don't want to be wandering around mining and such.
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