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    posted a message on 1.14.4 Anvil Duplication Glitch?

    So I used the anvil to repair a diamond pick twice, broke the anvil and placed it above (shift+click) on top of a crafting table, however it seemed to glitch into the air but under the anvil is what appears to be a right clickable chest which has two diamonds in it, I click on a diamond and it gives me a diamond from the "chest." I can right click the invisible chest again and grab another diamond.

    Has this been discovered yet or is this a really rare glitch?

    I'll try to replicate it, will post results.


    I tried to replicate it, it seems to be my mods that caused it... I tried running a copy of the level in vanilla and it still works in vanilla, however Im unable to recreate the glitch.

    Posted in: Survival Mode
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