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    Quote from amazingpickle

    This is a great server! I have never been on Realms before and I have to say this goes beyond all of my expectations. The community is great, the buildings are spectacular, and it is lag-free! Thanks for letting me be apart of the SPN Network!

    Thank you so much for your review of the realm! It's extremely appreciated and me and the rest of SPN are glad you are enjoying realms from us! Your review has been added to been to the main topic under the review section!
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    Ok guys I wanted to start this idea I've been thinking about for a while called M.I.N.E.
    Minecraft (the game)
    Idea (whatever you/we want)
    Network (the group of people in this)
    Extreme (this could be tons of help)
    I wasn't sure of this idea at the beginning but then I asked a few of my friends and they thought it was a good idea so I guess i'll try it out. M.I.N.E. is a group of people in which help others with any issues they have or ideas they want to be made but can't.
    How to Join M.I.N.E.
    To join us all you have to do is post here that you wanna join. Simple enough
    Please support M.I.N.E. as well because this could anyone really.
    So what we can do to help you
    Make skins
    Answer questions
    Soon we might also be able to help you make custom texture packs
    More maybe coming soon.
    Need help?
    Post your question or idea you want made
    We will try our best to help as soon as we can.
    Hope it helps or that you can join help others. Please also be kind to others here.

    Edited on 5/30/12: Now to join M.I.N.E. you have to say a skill you have it can range from tips, skins, textures, mods, and so on. Also M.I.N.E. has ranks
    Diamond Pickaxe (Rank 5)
    Diamond Sword (Rank 4)
    Diamond Axe (Rank 3)
    Diamond Shovel (Rank 2)
    Flint n' Steel (Rank 1)
    There are also subranks pass highest subrank move up a rank then complete subranks again to move up again and so on.
    Blue (Subrank 4)
    Red (Subrank 3)
    Green (Subrank 2)
    Yellow (Subrank 1)
    You start at Flint n' Steel Yellow and the highest is Diamond Pickaxe Blue. Those are the ranks and how you join. These are posted a few pages back but I thought I would add it up here to help you guys more :)
    Edit: 8/26/12: This was previously posted in the mcpe section only but has moved on to be a full on minecraft helping group! Which is also was posted here: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1446778-mine/
    for all thoughs who would like to join message what you can do to help and 1 example. Also, a server is in the works but we need to raise some money to pay for it. Tryda plans to try to get it done by the end of the month. Also, if you would like to be a builder for the server,until we can pay for a real one, join the hamachi server. If you would like to help pm Tryda, and He'll pm you the hamachi server. All builders get moderator rank when the official server is out.
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    Quote from Teamfe

    I don't get the point of this. A group of people helping other people? Help yourself and stop creating topics about the updates and **** like this, just because you feel the need to lead something. Seriously. If you need help, make a topic/post in a topic about it and your all set. No need for random groups like this.

    Sooner or later, there will be shitload of groups, because you started this one and they want to lead something. Trust me, it'll happen.

    Teamfe just because you don't like helpful groups doesn't me have to hate on them. Seriously, the need to lead something? No I made this to help others not to lead not my fault others want to make something similar to this. We understand that you can just post a question and get in answered but our goal is to make it easier we try to answer those and help others. So stop being so mad about it. I mean you can hate it but you don't have to complain about it to us.

    Oh by the way guys I like the banner and what Darkhax made with the Achivement, good job guys. :)

    -spikeinc13 Creator of M.I.N.E.
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    So this is how I create skins for my PE character and even works minecraft on Pc!! So I was searching the app store for apps when I found this app called Skin creator pro. This app caught my eye and claimed it was a great skin maker so I downloaded it and I was right. This app was very easy to make skin by clicking preview then apply to user I could put a skin on my PC account. This is how you do it on iPod say upload to website later use an app like iDownloader to download the image then use the jailbreak software ifil find minecraft > minecraft.pe > char.png paste the image and name it char.png that how you do it. If this isn't helpful or hard to understand watch the video here: hope it helps! :) for more help vist M.I.N.E. http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1242606-mine/
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    Ok guys let me answer a few questions. I am not new to the forums I just made a new account for my YouTube channel which is also fairly new. I will explain what I use I use an iPod and have it jail broken. I use an app called skin creator pro to make skins and I plan on downloading an app called texture maker to make texture packs. If you have any more questions just ask. :)
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    Hey guys it's me spikeinc13 and today I'm going to help you guys with some tips and tricks I know and plan on showing you guys more later. Down below is some of my videos if you don't have to keep coming back here go to YouTube and search me. Please comment, like, and subscribe. If this helps or you have a question about Minecraft PE post here and I will try to reply as soon as I can to you. Enjoy!

    Minecraft PE Skins

    Minecraft PE Download custom maps

    Minecraft PE Install hex Mod

    Minecraft PE Change from creative to survival


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