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    posted a message on Is religion scrutinized too much or too little?
    It should just be set aside from anything professional, like politics or work, and should be a personal thing. People do seem overly hard on religious people on the internet though.
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    posted a message on Multitools
    No, it wouldn't fit in. I could see a mod with this, but it would just be weird in vanilla. No support.
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    posted a message on Minecraft For Educational Use
    It can certainly help reinforce basic math. Like: Oh, how many logs do I need to get x sticks. But it can also be used in modding for teaching java coding. I've also seen one of my teachers allow it for a project of making models of Roman buildings. I think the las one is probably the best. It is excellent for making models, like atoms or ancient buildings or whatever.
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    posted a message on More variety in food: hunger vs saturation
    A neat idea, but I think it would be kind of annoying for people when the system changes. I like it, but I don't know if others would.
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    posted a message on Officer, I Can Explain!
    Hey, I with Parks and Recreation. I was taking this guy down to the morgue, I found him in a bush. The Mona Lisa I found in a pond, and I just dried it out. As for the poison dart gun, I had to confiscate that from some punk kid. would you mind taking them off my hands?

    Next person gets:
    Blueprints of a bank
    A power drill
    A recording of them popping into the vault, stealing a bunch of cash, and going out.
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    posted a message on Wooltastic Color's Idea (With Images)
    1: Should these + more color wool be in vanilla MC? Explain Why in detail if no or Yes.

    I think it might be nice, having some more color. the rainbow one is a little weird though, and it could have a better texture.
    2: This is primarily for looks, not anything else or should they have an effect? Explain Why in detail if no or Yes.

    No effect, definitely not. It should be for aesthetic purposes.
    3: Lastly, What is your fav. color? Mine is Bright White

    I like black.
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    posted a message on Count to 50,000 in Pictures
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    posted a message on Expand the /tp command
    That would be pretty cool, and so long as it could be disabled for servers and stuff, I think that could work out.
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    posted a message on Would You Rather Be Stuck In A Zombie Apocalypse With The Above Avatar Or The One Under You?
    A dragon would be pretty nice.. Yeah, I'll duke it out with Muro.
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    posted a message on The Coliseum of Heroes
    (This game was inspired by Arena of Desolation, so check out AoD here: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1942244-the-arena-of-desolation-on-day-3/page__hl__%20arena%20%20desolation)

    You are raised from your chambers under the coliseum, and you come up to fight for your life! You see a large warrior-like person with angelic wings who says this:
    "Welcome one, welcome all!" "I am your games overseer for this coliseum, and I am presenting to you, true spectacles!"
    This is a text-based arena game. I will update it once every day or two.
    1. You cannot leave the coliseum
    2. Once you die, that's it, you don't respawn. (Unless another person uses a spell to raise you from the dead)
    3. You can attack in basically any way you think of, just don't use something very overpowered.
    4. You have 50 health. You cannot increase the max or acquire some kind of armor unless I give it to you
    5. I will make an announcement from time to time that recounts player health, enemy health, and any enemy actions. I may also give benefits or do harm to you guys.
    6. You can only attack once in between announcements, however your attacks can hit multiple enemies (e.g. I cast a large fireball that explodes outward)
    7. You must specify which enemy you are attacking (e.g. I slice at Gladiator 1 with a sword)
    8. Have Fun!

    "The first wave of attackers shall be five gladiators!"
    Current Players:
    Current Enemies:
    Gladiators 1-5 50/50 health
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