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    posted a message on "Sorry! Make sure you are online and try again."

    This morning I was playing just fine with no problems, then I closed out of the game because I was downloading shaders.

    I noticed it said I was playing offline when I reopened the launcher, and I wanted to be online to join servers so I tried logging out and logging back in and now I am unable to login. It just says "Sorry! Make sure you are online and try again." Obviously I am connected to he internet, so I don't know why my launcher isn't.

    I tried seeing if it was blocked by my firewall and it wasn't, restarted my computer twice, uninstalled minecraft and deleted everything related to minecraft on my computer and reinstalled, and I attempted to follow steps at this link that worked for most people: https://bugs.mojang.com/browse/MCL-11112.

    Nothing worked

    Any suggestions?

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