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    24 blocks is 24 blocks, doesn't matter what direction. I'm no expert in spawn distances but I'd say the green area is definitely going to be inside the spawn radius. Mobs will spawn 24 blocks above you, and I'm also pretty sure this measurement is diagonal as well. Basically, 24 blocks up on the Y axis then 24 blocks in either the positive or negative direction on either the X or Z axis will equal 24 block diagonally from whatever block you started on. I know this seems kind of long winded, and again I'm not even 100% sure how the Playstation 3 version calculates these things, but I hope this helps.

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    I've been trying to find more accurate information regarding concentric village chaining on Playstation 3. I've read through the wiki, watched many videos and still can't quite seem to get things working right...

    So far, I've built Tango Tek's Iron Phoenix, applied the fixes and got some partial success, ONCE. I'm still not sure what exactly caused the spawn rate to rise, but sadly it was a false positive as the spawn rate eventually dropped to zero before the farm had completed it's 32nd village (half way to 64). I waited for the farm to complete its entire run. No more Golems. I messed with the two villagers on the sides in boats because they weren't bouncing up to the top gate. Still never solved that issue.

    Since then Ive made 2 attempts to get the Iron Alpha by Frilioth working. First time was exactly as he built it plus one small modification to the top of the bubble column chutes. My villager was getting stuck at the top just bouncing on the water, so I added a trip wire to activate a piston pushing him off the top of the water column. No issues with that, it works great. Iron Golems do spawn just not on the spawn platforms... on the door platforms. I'm not 100% sure, but I think I've had 5-7 spawned at once. They seem to mainly spawn north west and south east of the top spawn platform, although I occasionally get 1 or 2 spawning on the slime blocks below the sky access piston line (under closed and open pistons). I've also had the strange occurrence of Zombies spawning on the first and second level of the large lower door platforms.

    In my second attempt I simply moved the door platforms 2 blocks closer to the spawning platforms. My idea was that maybe the Iron Phoenix's door positioning would solve the issue of getting the villages to center on the spawn platforms. It took a bit of rewiring some redstone but I managed to keep the bubble columns and drop chutes in exactly the same position relative to the spawn platforms. I only had to move the lowest door platforms going up the drop chutes over by 1 block to allow sky access to the 2 largest lower door platforms. Sadly none of this seems to have made any difference. I even experimented with repositioning the villager pods.

    After the system completes it's run through of 60 villages it seems to just merge everything into 1 village, because after I'll start to get 1 Iron Golem spawning on the top platform (I think) every 7 mins or so.

    I've been racking my brain, trying to get my head around this problem. It appear that the Iron Alpha does create concentric villages, just not on the spawn platforms. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated, and before any of you ask: I've been doing this all in a super flat creative mode world, I'm well aware of the distancing requirements for doors to not merge with a village and I also know about the 50 villager breeding cap on PS3 edition. That being said I really would like a version of the Iron Phoenix to work, it doesn't have to requirement of 73 the Iron Phoenix does. This makes it a better choice I think.

    One last note: I've toyed with the idea of trying the Iron CaSSter, but a 7 month old comment makes me think it doesn't work on PS3.

    Thanks for any help, you (the community), can offer!

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