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    Quick update

    I'm currently back at my hometown and I'm staying for 4 days, helping my parents with family business but I didn't bring my laptop due to carrying issue so I won't be able to dev anything for the time being.

    Have a great week y'all

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    Quick update:

    I tried and changed the cloud positioning to use the "reachable" 2D clouds type for the main clouds and cloud shadow and it somehow fixes the height issues in certain condition but still continuing to look in to it

    *the mimick3D cloud is disabled in some of the screenshot to compare the cloud shadow more accurately

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    Hey there! Sorry I haven't been posting here giving feedback, been dealing with University and other projects.

    I am loving all the work you have done so far! You are quickly surpassing SEUS in my personal books.

    The cloud shadows are one of my favorite parts so don't give up on them! They add so much to the game and the overall feel of the world around you.

    The name IVY is perfect! It represents you, is easy to remember, and stands out from the rest of the crowd.

    I thoroughly enjoy the 2D and 3D cloud renders and it is great to have the option of either, but not really sacrificing much in looks.

    The rain system looks good! I personally like it to be slightly brighter outside as MC can get really dark really easily. However, I haven't seen it on my own screen so might be brighter than what I am seeing.

    Overall you are doing an amazing job and I can't wait to try this thing out myself!

    Thank you for being with me and giving feedback about the shaders progress, it means a lot


    I have been making some progress on the cloud shadow recently, I got the shadow projection to be accurate but it does have an issue ones the player is high enough, I do have a temporary solution for it by applying a shadow fade ones the player is at a certain distance but it yet to be implemented

    custom Minecraft world map used: Eldaria_V3.1_by_Aurelien_Sama

    on another news, I changed the positioning of the 2D clouds in a manner of which the players could reach those clouds and with it, the possiblity of volumetric or 3D Clouds, for now it still looks plain up close since ithese are 2D clouds but it is a work for another time when I'm ready to add volumetric clouds or 3D clouds

    Other shaders like SEUS, Chocapic13, and it's derivatives has already achieve volumetric / 3D clouds so it is not a new feature but does cost performance which I am reconsidering

    and I have been tweaking the water and added underwater fog / light absorbtion

    its looks is a mixture of the blurriness caused by enabling depth of field

    the water refraction caused by the water waves, and

    the light concentration caused by the water caustics, added

    the new underwater light absorbtion and fog


    you can find me on discord, my user ID 565864663011557398, I'm not good at using discord but it's the fast the way of contacting me

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    I haven't been doing well lately and uh I am delaying a bit focusing on real life cuz... yeah. but I tweaked the 2D clouds a bit yesterday here are some screenshots

    2D Clouds enabled

    2D Clouds disabled

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    I've ben dealing with real life stuff lately and I've been easily distracted at what to add, remove, fix, and/or improve in terms of the shader development but here are some screenshots that I've manage to capture while in the making

    for the playful shaderpack, I've manage to smoothen down the minecraft clouds similar to Rudo plays shaders and Mipmapped the reflections to 1/3 of its resolution to boost performance at the same time add a blurry effect to the water also added ice reflections as well with its own bump map

    IVY's Playful Shaderpack

    RudoPlays Shaderpack

    for the main project, I still haven't changed the drawbuffer pipeline because I needed to fix the translucent blocks before continuing and for the time being I've manage to tweaked the skybox, 2D cloud, Sun & Moon, and light absorbtion & fog for the water surface.

    I've also worked on how it looks underwater - it still needs the light absorbtion and fog underwater but what do you think?

    IVY's Realistic Shaderpack

    some developer note:

    The 2D clouds have a feature named "mimick3DClouds" enabled by default to have more depth to its looks. It can be enabled and disabled on release

    Mimick3DClouds - Enabled

    Mimick3DClouds - Disabled


    I've disabled the cloud shadow for now since I couldn't get it to be accurate of the player's position and its distance from the sun or moon object

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    So, I decided to prioritize IVY's Playful Shaderpack (Side Project) first because remapping the drawbuffer pipeline, I was bound to find some errors in my first few tries and I did, that's why I would remap and overhaul the side project first, then reverse engineer it for the main project.

    Why re-map the drawbuffers? To differentiate my work, since it is based from Chocapic13's drawbuffer pipeline. It is a tedious work but a worth it one.

    I already remapped the drawbuffer pipeline for the side project but some final changes has to be done since it still uses some Chocapic13 codes.

    For the Main Project, I intend to give it my best, in terms of performance, stability, and quality so it'll take time in doing so, at the same time I have found some minor quality issues. i.e, going to the Neither renders the skybox which normally should not be rendered and in majority of shaderpacks available they do not address this problem (except the KUDA shaderpack, kudos to DeDelner for going in to even the smallest detail). which is why I am working on the side project first as a prototype to better give the main project its necessities.

    Main Project Updates:

    - 8 Sample Shadow Filter is enabled by default to show off better quality when raining

    - Minecraft clouds is disabled by default

    - Added Motion Blur


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    So I ran into some road blocks, mostly frustration out of some minor code so I decided to astray a bit from the main project and did some tinkering with reflection using Chocapic13 v4.4 Beta (since it already has the bells and whistles essential for a basic shaderpack) and came up with this

    Album Link

    It reminded me of Rudoplay shaders and SEUS's RC shaderpack and with a bit more tinkering, I came up with this, I modified the water texture and color to mimick both classic shaders and there are still tweaking left but I decided it was enough for a side project.

    What do you think?

    Also I will be naming this project i.e shader pack to IVY Shaders or IVY Shaderpack

    • IVY's Realistic Shaderpack (Main project)
    • IVY's Playful Shaderpack (Side Project)

    If you have any better and meaningful name for it, be my guest, you can message me anytime

    Why IVY? - because it's the initials of my real name (except for the Y, that's just to make the name sensible)


    For transparency, the Main Project shaderpack uses Chocapic13 v4.4 Beta and the Side Project uses Chocapic13 v4 as a base and one by one I started replacing the codes with my own

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    It's Performance

    GTX 960M

    Intel i7-6700HQ

    8GB RAM

    Connected to a laptop brick

    Resolution: 1920 x 1080

    Render Distance: Far

    World type: Default

    Texturepack: Default

    *Cloud Shadows turned off in this instance

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    *Fixed the Cloud Shadows a bit, again still inaccurate because I had to remove "worldposition.y" that made the shadow glitch whenever the player is above 100 blocks or so.. .still finding something different

    For Shader developers out there how I manage to create the cloud shadows is using the same concept as the water caustic implementation

    not really much update but more photos

    Cloud Shadows

    Shadows + Cloud Shadows

    Cloud Shadow Only

    Looking really, really, good there man! If it can perform well I would personally put this above SEUS as that is my current favorite.

    I especially love the realistic toning of the water based on depth. A very nice touch not added in many shaders.

    This makes me want to do another shaderpack review/comparison! Haven't done one in a while.

    Keep up the amazing work and you will be up there with the top shaderpacks!

    (Idk why my account says it is new as I have been on the forums for 3+ years, gg Twitch merger)

    Thank You, It's been years since I last developed shaders and it's good to be back

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    *Changed Tonemap a bit

    *Added Cloud Shadows (WIP)

    *Added Water Refraction

    *Fixed some bugs


    *Cloud shadow is a still inaccurate but I'm working on it

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    Scroll down for the updates

    *cannot guarantee it'll be complete due to real life obligations

    Imgur Link


    Almost Noon

    *Sunset is almost the same as sunrise but a bit red-er


    Sunrise rain

    9am rain

    Night rain

    to my shader developer friends out there, do you remember me? ;)

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