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    Minecraft everyday, previously known as D3athrow's survival server started out as a 'Creative 2.0' server when SMP was in its infancy, when there was no inventory saving, signs didn't work, players couldn't take damage, and chest contents were clientside.

    Built on a fun world, with a great community and helpful administration many have said that the server was the best minecraft experience they've had in a while. With 2 java programmers working on new plugins to keep things interesting, your experience should always be a new and exciting one.

    Participate in the economy easily by setting up shop in the market square, don't have much money? Easy, voting once a day on minestatus you receive 250r to spend on whatever your heart desires. *New* For every 5 votes you get a random item as a thank you gift!

    Stats about the server:

    Located in Seattle, WA
    Intel core i7 920
    12GB ram
    World on a RamDisk, and backed up every hour.
    1gbit connection insures a never slow connection.
    50 player slots

    Server Static ip: | Domain name: mc1.minecrafteveryday.com

    Come and see what the players have built and contribute your own works of art!

    About Us
    We have strived to give our players the best experience they can get, whether it being one of the first servers to use Hey0's mod(Hmod), or working tirelessly through the night to fix whatever problems that may arise, we've done the best we can and we still keep going. Server was started on August 4th, 2010 and we have evolved to fit what the players expect from a good server.

    Vote for us!

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