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    Quote from AlonsoSwoon

    And people wonder why Ted Bundy is one of my heroes.

    Does it have anything to do with Natural Selection? Or perhaps people being selected against?
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    Quote from Swervish

    You can only spank a sheep to fix its pathing so many times before it dies. The damage, though small, adds up and to my recconing, mobs/animals dont heal over time. So the culling partially happens on its own, and I occasionally have to knock off a couple score extra.

    And yes, eventually I will be putting up a world save for you all to climb around on.

    PS, i am seriously considering a mob trap for the string, but the sheep farm is working so I'll keep at it that way until/unless I just cant take them anymore.

    Quote from Swervish

    HA! Got it!

    I will build a gravity type mob grinder (sky trap?) . But I will build teh spawning field immediately under my courtyards. there is already a 3-10 block high space between the ground and where the bottom of teh courtyard tiles will be, and the space is HUGE, almost 7500 square blocks.

    So a couple questions about spiders...
    1) do they take falling damage like other mobs?
    2) can they climb glass?

    It is pretty common to find multiple cave spider spawners within activation distance of each other in abandoned mines. It would be an investment of time locating a spot with multiple spawners. Then you would have to build a trap, and depending on the distance from your castle you would probably want to set up a transportation system in the nether. You would also have to be willing to let Minecraft run while you weren't playing. But it would at least break up the monotony of feeding and shearing sheep.

    I've got a set up that feeds me spiders from three spawners. I will load up my save and edit some more info in here about how efficient it is on a per minute basis.

    edit: Looks like each spawner is producing an average of 5 string or 1.25 wool per minute. I've seen (and personally verified) a seed on reddit that had no less than seven (but more like nine) cave spider spawners that could all be activated at once. So even if you're super lucky you're looking at ten wool per minute in an ideal situation with spawners. You're probably not going to be that lucky.

    additional edit: Since mobs stopped immediately moving around after spawning I'm not sure how efficient a set up for spiders you can make. I think they take a 2L2W1H area to spawn. There's probably plenty of youtube videos detailing making mob traps etc... You'd have to light up all the caves around the trap, find or come up with a design to spawn and kill only spiders, then of course build it... It would be a huge investment of time to set up a trap that would be worth while. Plus you'd have to visit the collection point pretty frequently if you didn't want to leave Minecraft running while you were asleep. Seems like you're either stuck with sheep, or looking at a moderate side project.

    On a side note, in this picture..

    You have pens for your colored sheep? If you're going to be shearing the sheep in those pens you'll have to replace the stone with dirt/grass so they can regrow wool(once you've updated to 1.1).
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