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    exercise added: jumping jacks, for every 20 jumps, 1 weight level is lost

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    I'm a horrible at making entity models, it looks like a cool mod, good luck to you at finding someone who can!

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    Quote from Necrosld»

    Many may be unfamiliar with the Jojo Mod and the mod maker is Korean so this idea probably won't change anything but I'm doing it anyways just for fun.

    For how the mod works to those who don't know, there is a Stand Arrow that you use on yourself to give yourself a random Stand.

    A Stand is like a ghost that stands by your side and it has a bizarre ability attached onto it.

    There are many Stands already in the mod but I'll be suggesting a few and try to fix some current abilities to make then more useful.

    -New Stand(s)-

    •Gold Experience:

    In the manga, this Stand has the ability to give life to anything. Turning inanimate objects into animals and replace body parts. So using this ability in minecraft would have a different effect based on what you decide to use as a "cost". Any mob you create with this ability will be on your side.

    Grass Blocks: Spawns a tree.

    Saplings/Seeds: Automatically grows it.

    Any non-living Full Block that isn't mention directly on this list: Turns it into a Guardian.

    Any non-living Stair: Spider.

    Any non-living Slab: Silverfish.

    TNT: Turns it into a Creeper.

    Any Fence: Turns it into a Wolf.

    Any Wool/Carpet: Turns it into a Sheep of that same color.

    Any Endstone Blocks: Turns it into an Enderman.

    Any Purpur Blocks: Turns it into a Shulker.

    Any non living item/block being held: Use to heal yourself or someone else but this slowly heals them.

    Nether Quartz: Turns it into a Ghast.

    Fire: Turns it into a Blaze.

    Lava: Turns it into a Magma Slime.

    Water: Turns it into a Slime.

    Zombies/Skeletons: Turns them into Villagers.

    Zombie Pigmen: Turns them into Pigs.

    To me it makes sense that Gold Experience cannot create undead creatures with its ability since they aren't truly alive and in fact do the opposite.

    •Silver Chariot Requiem:

    It's more of a boss than an actual Stand itself. It holds an item called the Requiem Arrow, which will be changed in the mod to simply unlock abilities. The goal is to defeat SCR and obtain the Requiem Arrow but SCR is designed to keep you away from it.

    You can only fight or see this boss if you have a Stand but if you get too close too SCR then your Stand will attack you. SCR has regeneration and has a main ability that will make things difficult for you.

    SCR will switch the souls of anything other beings in the vicinity of it activating. In minecraft, good mobs will act like bad mobs and bad mobs will act like good mobs. In your case, you WILL switch bodies. If there is not another mob, then a pig will be summoned for that purpose. Even as a pig, or any mob, you keep your Stand.

    The only way to beat SCR is to die. Why? In the manga, SCR is a shadow and the light of your Soul allowed the shadow to maintain itself. Plus that means YOU in particular can't get the Stand Arrow since you're dead.

    In minecraft this still works, it's SCR's final hoorah because the Stand Arrow will despawn if you can't get back there in time. Not to mention, dying will make you lose your Stand.

    •Requiem Arrow:

    In the show it turned your Stand into a Requiem Stand. In the mod it will simply unlock new Abilities or even a new form.

    Echoes: Unlocks Echoes Act 3 (Freeze people in place).

    Gold Experience: Unlocks its Requiem form (Basically can seal away Stand abilities by "bringing them to zero", you do not take fall damage either).

    Silver Chariot: Spawns the boss to keep the Requiem Arrow from other players, you still keep the normal Silver Chariot.

    Star Platinum: Unlocks Star Platinum's The World (Time Stop), also giving it a new recolor.

    Killer Queen: Unlocks Bites the Dust (Time Loop).

    The World: Turns it into The World Over Heaven (only in appearance because the actual one can rewrite reality and that's kinda hard to balance...for obvious reasons), extending its Time Stop ability.

    -Fixing Current Stands-

    •Crazy Diamond: This Stand has the ability to restore something in the manga/anime but in the mod....it's meh. It can heal mobs/players but restoring physical objects isn't as useful because it doesn't really restore anything.

    How I think this should be fixed is that Crazy Diamond should be able to.

    1. Turn your 2x2 inventory crafting table into a 3x3 one.

    2. Uncraft a block/item that the ability is used on.

    3. Repair weapons and other items will a durability (uncrafting them if they do not need to be repaired).


    4. Extend Potion Effects on other mobs/Players.

    •Killer Queen:

    This Stand is perfectly fine but it is missing the Bites the Dust ability in the mod. So I'll explain how the whole Time Loop thing could work. Your Stand, Killer Queen will attach itself onto a player or mob and if that player/mob is approached by a player other than yourself then that player will explode. After they explode, all players will be teleported to their spawn point and the minecraft day will also reset itself. When that minecraft day ends, the player that got exploded by Killer Queen will explode again even if they don't approach the player/mob that Killer Queen attached itself onto. You can choose to explode them prematurely to restart the day again or to return Killer Queen back to yourself so you can use its other abilities. Returning Killer Queen will stop the Time Loop.

    I just read this post and thought about crazy diamond josuke's Stand. If you watched the anime, specifically when he turns the pasta into its ingredients, you could possibly use his stand for breaking down items or blocks into ingredients.

    Edit: realized you may have read the manga

    And for whoever will make this mod, I recommend looking at the code for leashes, for keeping the Stand near the player, also there is a way for a Stand being unable to be attacked unless by another stand.

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    how about making an additional mushroom biome?

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