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    Horror Movie Monsters are now in Minecraft!

    Now Multiplayer Compatible! (only version 1.2.0 and up, comment if it doesn't work)


    • All monsters have a 25% chance to drop their weapons if they have one.
    • All monsters deal the same amount of damage as their weapons, monsters with no weapons deal 2 hearts of damage.
    • Freddy Krueger has a 10% chance to spawn when going to sleep in a bed.
    • Monsters DO NOT spawn in caves or the End, monsters labeled with "[N]" can spawn in the Nether
    • Freddy Krueger & Jason Voorhees attack each other when close
    • When Frankenstein is struck by lightning he turns into Giant Frankenstein

    Monsters IMAGES

    • Jigsaw (SAW) [skin created by: d3rrida]
    • Michael Myers (Halloween) [skin created by: jeramai]
    • Jason Voorhees (Friday the 13th) [skin created by: SteffenLive]
    • Freddy Krueger (A Nightmare on Elm Street) [skin created by: Sneeze7]
    • Leatherface (Texas Chainsaw Massacre) [skin created by: bertie13]
    • Hannibal Lecter (Silence of the Lambs) [skin created by AgentTomcat]
    • Ghostface (Scream) [skin created by: Shiva]
    • Chucky (Child's Play) [skin created by: SquareNexus]
    • Pinhead (Hellraiser) [skin created by: Boomer]
    • Pennywise (It) [skin created by: KKLuke]
    • Candyman (Candyman) [skin created by: Calendar Man]
    • Kayako (The Grudge) [The fastest monster] [skin created by: Rebellion28]
    • Babyface (Happy Death Day) [skin created by: LuisDLSantos]
    • La Llorona (The Curse of La Llorona) [She goes INVISIBLE for about 8 seconds when attacked] [skin created by: Majora_Raven66]
    • Captain Spaulding (House of 1000 Corpses) [ skin created by: barrettr500]
    • Nun (The Nun) [skin created by: Agresiva, edited by me]
    • Annabelle (Annabelle) [skin created by: purplescales]
    • Kuchisake-onna (Carved: The Slit-Mouthed Woman) [skin created by: _Maruku]
    • Pyramid Head (Silent Hill) [Slowest monster, also the most powerful] [skin created by: If anyone knows the author of this skin please let me know, the skin was deleted off of PlanetMinecraft so I'm unable to find who made it.]
    • Frankenstein (Frankenstein) [skin created by: xXPurizeXx]
    • Giant Frankenstein (Frankenstein) [skin created by: User Profile, edited by me]
    • Teke Teke (Teketeke) [skin & model created by me]
    • Babyface (The Hills Run Red) [skin created by WeirdCriminal, edited by me]
    • Leprechaun (Leprechaun) [skin & model created by me]

    Weapons IMAGES

    • Michael Myers's Knife (6 attack damage)
    • Jason Voorhees's Machete (8 attack damage)
    • Freddy Krueger's Glove (4 attack damage)
    • Leatherface's Chainsaw (10 attack damage)
    • Ghostface's Knife (4 attack damage)
    • Chucky's Knife (4 attack damage)
    • Candyman Hook (5 attack damage)
    • Pyramid Head Sword (15 attack damage)
    • Babyface's Axe (8 attack damage)


    This mod was made with the help of MCreator ( https://mcreator.net/ )

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    Corundum is finally in Minecraft!

    Corundum is the second hardest mineral on Mohs scale of hardness right underneath Diamond. So I thought it'd be fun to look around and search for this mineral in Minecraft!

    All of the tools and armor are very close to the statistics of the Diamond tools/armor. Corundum Ore is slightly easier to find then Diamond Ore as well.

    I do plan on expanding this mod and adding more cool minerals as long as people would like me to. Feedback is very much appreciated, enjoy!

    Click HERE to visit my website and keep track of all of my mods!



    • Changed Armor textures

    • Corundum Ore now spawns from Y level 24 all the way to level 0

    • Corundum Ore spawn frequency has been changed to be more balanced

    • Corundum Block texture has been changed

    • Bug Fix: Corundum Ore now sounds like stone instead of grass when breaking


    • Initial release

    This mod was made with the help of MCreator ( https://mcreator.net/ )

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