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    Hi everyone!

    I updated to the latest snapshot 20w14 and I can no longer see my local worlds. Why is that? Is there a way to play worlds from older snapshots?

    Ok so I was tinkering with the stuff cuz i had the same problem if you want to get a World into a version of minecraft lets say from 20w13a to 20w14infinite.

    1) you have to have atleast 2 worlds for this 1 the world you want to change versions(from now i will be reffering to this as w1) and another that is in the version(from now i will be reffering to this as w2)

    2) after you have the worlds close minecraft and go to a folder ".minecraft" and into "saves" there you should have the 2 worlds

    3) go into the w2 copy a file named session.lock

    4) paste that file into w1

    5) start the world in selected version and BOOM you got the world there

    Hope it helped

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