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    posted a message on TileEntitySpecialRenderer flying bug
    Quote from kopc0801»

    I made a GIF image, I hope it help us.

    Moving only occurs on two axes at 45 degrees.

    Good idea making the GIF. Now I'm even more confused, though. If I had a dollar for every time I said "The code SHOULD work!" I would have one more dollar now. Everything in your TESR class matches mine, which works for the exact same version of Forge (

    Try looking at vanilla TESRs and copy-pasting their code? I doubt it will help, though.

    I've got to go. Good luck!

    This is me right now:

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    posted a message on Explosion-Proof / immune mobs?

    Yes, there is an event fired that you can use. This tutorial by Jabelar (1.7.2, but events are mostly the same even in 1.8) lists commonly used events, which includes:

    • LivingAttackEvent e.g. Check if the damage source is explosion damage. If so, cancel the event to make immune from explosions (maybe based on potion or armor).

    LivingEvents always include the entity that is, in this case, receiving the damage. Read the tutorial if you're rusty on event handling, and happy modding!

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    posted a message on Help with making a 1.8 mod

    Look at the RenderBiped class to see what parameters it does take, then. In eclipse you can click on RenderBiped and hit F3 to open it

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    posted a message on [Req] Portable, Nomadic Tents Mod for 1.8 [Now being worked on, check thread for WIP]
    Quote from chanicle»

    oh cool! thanks! keep me updated ^^

    Mod specifications (at least, how I'm doing it):
    - Use cloth and sticks in recipe for tent Done

    -------> Refine recipes to be balanced and include vanilla door Done. No door, though.
    - Make different tiers of tents using different recipes (larger interiors but same size exteriors) Done
    - Make tent as item Done
    - Use tent item to place construction blocks Done
    - Use tool on construction blocks to build tent Done

    - Create see-through barrier-like block to let players see time of day but keep players inside their Tent Done
    - Make each tent door and tent item "remember" where the tent corresponds to in the "Tent Dimension" Done

    - Make each tent door and tent item remember a UNIQUE area in the "Tent Dimension" Finally Done!
    - Click on tent door to be teleported to empty "Tent Dimension" Done
    - Create (if not already created) an area in the "Tent Dimension" that represents the interior of the tent Done

    - Depending on the tent, player should teleport to specific x,y,z in "Tent Dimension" Done
    - Depending on the tent, the interior should be different sizes Done
    - Click on tent door to exit to the overworld tent at a specific x,y,z Done
    - Deconstruct tent (revert to item) by breaking the door with the hammer Done

    - Tent dimension tents should have at least one layer of dirt to allow the player to dig firepits, etc. Done

    - Wall textures should connect when a similar block is below / above Done

    - Roof textures should connect when adjacent to a sloped block Kind of done
    - Optional:

    + Door color should be able to change Done (kind of)
    + Allow tents to be colored differently

    + Create sloped block to round out the tent structure (top and sides?)


    - Texture for Tent tool / hammer Done

    - Texture for tent door (upper and lower) Done

    - Texture for tent roof Done

    - Texture for tent wall Done

    - Texture for tent floor (when in Tent Dimension -- maybe just grass or dirt will do) Done

    - Texture for canvas flap (used only to craft tent wall piece item) -- 16x16 Done

    - Texture for tent wall piece Item (used only to craft the Tent item) -- 16x16 OR 32x32 Done

    - Different textures for each tier of tent (there are currently 3) -- 16x16 OR 32x32 Done

    Ideas I can't do :( :

    x Digging in the dirt layer(s) in Tent dimension should be reflected in Overworld.

    - - - One tent size in the overworld (5x5) corresponds with any tent size (6x6 and 7x7) in the Tent Dimension. If I can have extra-dimensional space, I might as well use all of it!

    I will keep updating this post as features are completed or added :)

    Here's some images from very-early development:

    Crafting Recipes (each tier of tent takes 4 more wall sections):

    Screenshots (very messy and very lazy textures, sorry).

    These are the "frame" blocks -- hitting each one long enough builds it up into a wall block (blue for now). All the frames and the door are formed by using the Item, but the door will do nothing until the whole thing is complete. The inside of the room is 3x3 when generated in the Tent dimension.

    The finished tent: as you can see, it is very minimalist right now. I was more worried about dimensions, teleporting, and tile entity stuff and have not tried to improve aesthetics. Probable improvements: sloped or stair-stepped blocks (forming a border around roof) to make the top more smooth.

    Mid-development (the textures change everything!)

    Inside small Yurt:

    Outside small Yurt:

    - - - Still working on sloped roof, this is not final.

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    posted a message on Give potion effect to nearby players

    I would do something like this (double-check that these are the correct method names -- I wasn't sure):

    public void giveFlu(LivingUpdateEvent event)
    	final int FLU_CHANCE = [whatever number you want];
    	if(event.entityLiving instanceof EntityPlayer)
    		EntityPlayer player1 = (EntityPlayer)event.entityLiving;
    		EntityPlayer player2 = player1.worldObj.getClosestPlayerToEntity(player1, -1);
    		if(player2 != null && player1.getDistanceToEntity(player2) < 2 && player1.rand.nextInt(FLU_CHANCE) == 0)
    			if(player1.getActivePotionEffect(EpidemicCraft.potionFlu) != null)
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    posted a message on we could really use a car mod that has actual beatifull cars

    jcm2606 is correct. if the models were too close to the colour and physical design features of a real branded car, then the mod maker could get sued by the car manufacturer for using their design and logo without permission. Even if copyright was not an issue, the mod maker would have to pay expensive and stiff royalty fees to the car maker and the mod would not be worth expanding because of the high running costs.

    As long as the MC cars aren't named after real cars and the textures don't use real logos, it probably won't be a problem. At least, my models aren't realistic enough to get sued.

    Quote from lars3445»

    hello fellow minecrafters ive just got a new pc and installed minecraft directly but when i tried modding it,it ocured to me that there are no good car mods i know theres mods like cars and drives but those cars look ugly i know that with flans mod you can get cars but i dont want flans mod nor do i understand how to get the cars in the firts place (<-- if someone can help me out with that step for step i am satisfied already) so why isnt there a car mod for minecraft 1.7.10/1.8 because i would totally love it

    I can start working on models if you want (for 1.7.10 or 1.8, though you might want to just wait until 1.9). I don't have the time to design the gameplay (how to drive cars, how to make them, etc). But if all you want is an Entity that looks like a car, I can start working on it -- see my Dinosaur Dimension mod on Curse if you want an idea of my basic Entity models. Maybe open a GitHub project so I can post the .java model files.

    Quote from jcm2606»
    1.8 is most likely because of the new model format and how that killed other solutions for rendering, specifically dynamic rendering. Making high-quality high-detail models under the JSON format is near impossible, especially if you're expecting something like a high-poly model. Although apparently I heard Forge patched the advanced model loader back in, still, the other issues are still at play if this is the case.

    Most likely the cars would be rideable Entities, and Entities still have coded models for 1.8. The easiest way to re-use current code is to make the Car objects extend EntityLivingBase and be basically horses without any AI. Then I could implement animations in a way that hasn't changed from 1.7.10.
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    posted a message on Character Data Lost When World Loads

    The same thing happens to me, about every 5th time. I'm using the .1492 release for 1.7.10. (not upgraded from 1.6 at all)

    The world begins to load, then redirects to the menu. I open the world again and it usually works, though it says "Shutting down internal server," which means it was still loading the world from before.

    I don't always have my inventory reset, but one time it reset my inventory even though it loaded on the first try.

    As far as I know this only happens in development environment, so I stopped worrying about it and learned not to test anything too far from spawn.

    No idea how to help, sorry.

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