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    posted a message on Can I run MineOS and use windows on the same computer?

    Hi, my friends and I recently decided to setup a Minecraft server just to test out if one of us could run it on their PC.
    seeing that I have a descent computer, it was decided I was to host. I have done some research regarding this however I haven't found any post regarding running both the server and using windows normally was possible and I would appreciate it if I could get some advice.

    I plan to have windows running on an m.2 ssd while mineOS on my SATA ssd

    my specs are 16gb ram, i7 9700, 2080S, 2 tb hdd, 2tb m.2 ssd, 256Gb SATA ssd
    I plan to get more ram in the future when i get the server up and running

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