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    posted a message on Hunger Games Montage
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    posted a message on Newly Started Youtube Channel
    1)IGN = skittleko
    2)Skype name = esquaredx
    3)age = 23
    4)timezone = east coast
    5)youtube channel = http://www.youtube.com/skittleko
    6)how many subs = 60
    7)can you also record = yes
    8) tell me a little about yourself = I am looking for someone who I can also talk with while I play, maybe even play with in game... I have nobody that I personally know to play or talk to while I play lol... Kinda gets boring after a while.
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    posted a message on Need partners! [Need Skype + Clear Quality Mic]
    Name [You'd like to be called]:Zac
    Age [Please 13+]: 23
    Maturity level [Scale 1-10 : 1 Being Mature and 10 being immature]: Can really be any level, I can be both. 3
    Youtube Channel [Link]: http://www.youtube.com/skittleko
    Skype Contact Name: esquaredx
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    posted a message on Biomes O' Plenty Lets Play
    Hey everyone how ya doing? I just wanted to share my new series with you, a Lets Play featuring two mods loaded - Backpack mod, Biomes O' Plenty mod...
    The main goal of this Lets Play is to show you around and explore all aspects of each and every new biome this mod features.
    I take a look at not only the beauty of the land but also what it has to offer, such as the new trees, logs, flowers, water, sky color etc etc. Giving you a more hands on look into the mod then just a normal review.
    Hope you enjoy if you take the time to watch.. Thank you for your time!


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    posted a message on Good screen recorder for Mac?
    Thanks for that great post Keybounce... I was actually just wondering about Camtasia for the mac, I loved using it with my pc, have to give it a try. Currently I am using Screenflow and it works okkay... I have problems where it freezes all the time when saving files but it never fails to save... just gotta deal with the beach ball for a little =p
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    posted a message on Help get new LP's off of the ground! Post your vid here!
    Cool stuff
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    posted a message on Starting New Mindcrack Related UCH (Ultra Hardcore) Whitelist Server
    IGN (in game name): skittleko

    Age (10 and Up): 23

    Have you ever been banned?(I will find out) If so why?: nope

    Why Should i pick you of all people?: I am a friendly mature player, love playing hardcore, enjoy doing everything on minecraft.

    What are you good at?: Building

    What are you bad at?: redstone.. I can do it, just not my favorite.

    Can you obey my server rules? Yes I can
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    posted a message on Pixelcrafters Vanilla Server Looking For Youtubers
    Youtube channel (at least 2 active subscribers); www.youtube.com/skittleko
    Skype name: esquaredx
    Age ( must be over 15): 23
    Must have a computer that can record minecraft. - - -yes I do
    IGN: skittleko
    How often are you online?: usually everyday for a few hours.
    What are you best at (building, redstoning, exploring): Decent at building imo, okay with redstone and who isn't good at exploring ;p
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