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    posted a message on Need Help Restoring Lost Worlds After Upgrade

    My sons use the Java edition. On or around 10 December 2019, they lost the ability to access any of their worlds. I have since located all of their worlds in the following directory on our computer:


    The last modified date in that folder is 10 December, which I believe is when there was an upgrade. My boys gave up and created new worlds and now play daily. But there are /no/ files modified after 10 December in the above folder. So is Minecraft pulling from a different folder now? How do I point Minecraft to the above location, or copy the files to the right directory? And secondly, how do I find the folder that hosts the files for the worlds they're currently using?

    **I've already tried Restoring previous versions of the folder. The restore point only goes back to March 2020, but the boys last accessed these files in December, so I don't see any point in restoring.

    Sorry if I sound dumb. I've been researching this all day and would welcome ideas. Thanks.

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