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    I moved on from 1.12 as soon as a newer version of Minecraft was released, and I kept moving on with each new version. I'm playing modpacks made for 1.15.2 and 1.16.2 now. For the longest time, I just haven't felt comfortable getting started playing with a new modpack. I eventually get over it but I have this same feeling of being disconnected, not in a groove, whenever I begin a new world on a new modpack and today I realized why that is. I realized today that it is all because I really, really miss Tinkers' Construct and miss building with it. It's like this enormous void in my gameplay that has not and can not be filled by any other mod. I miss the tools, I miss the materials, I miss automating the smeltery. I am so excited to discover that Tinkers' 1.15.2 is in the works. I look forward to it.

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