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    posted a message on New Server! with Whitelist!
    looking for mods and and just for ppl to come and hang out message me 20 person limit! will be streaming on Justin.tv as soon as i get it set up!
    (only hey0 mod for now, may get Runecraft if wanted)
    No griefing
    No stealing
    No Disrespect
    just have fun and build
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    posted a message on Need help with SMP mods/Addons
    i been at it for days trying to understand what the instructions say on the mods but its really really confusing not much detail in what they trying to get through to ppl downloading it. would be great if it told me in plain english not something like to set yourself to admin gotta to a complicated code i.e. NAME:Color:(weird numbers):Commands:blah blah:.... if some1 gots a guide or something more helpful than what most mods give u plz reply. i really want to get a server up WITH mods/addons b4 i make it live to ppl. something with /sethome and all the main stuff. plz and ty
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