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    posted a message on MindCrack Fan server 100% vanilla No whitelist
    Hi there!! My name is Hunter, and I have been looking for a server that is like MindCrack but I haven't found one... until Now!!! I would like to join, I'm a good guy, and will not grief. Please add me, I don't have IGN unless that's a screen name thing but otherwise, I'd like to join. Please reply!!

    Minecraft Username: shutomaster
    Skype name: crazyrabbit3243
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    posted a message on Minecraft Let's Play: Help Needed!

    If you can't tell by the title, then you have no brain to the accordance of what you are about to read. I want to do a Minecraft let's play, but I can't record it. I was hoping that someone could help, so if you can, please fill out the survey below (not really a survey)

    1: Minecraft Name: (ex. shutomaster)
    2: Skype Name: (ex. crazyrabbit3243)
    3: First Name: (ex. Hunter)
    4: Do you have a REASONABLE (at lease 4 days a week) amount of time to record:
    5: YouTube channel name/link: (ex. MiniZeldaMaster)
    6: What brought you here: (ex. ?)
    7: Time Zone: (ex. Pacific Time)
    8: Do you have a server that can be up as long as possible? (me: no)
    You only have to input the numbers, and you MUST be able to record. I can edit the recordings, just email them to me. See you later folks!


    PS: I would appreciate it if you input the numbers, and I do not have server hosting, I have a computer issue.
    PPS: All of the above examples are what I would input.
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