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    I'm trying to make a sword with the blade being transparent like glass, but can't find anything online or any examples of it being done. So far I have a sword with two textures, one is the opaque handle, and other is a transparent blade. I have the transparent layered on top of my handle in my item's model file but still renders the blade as opaque in-game.

    glass_sword.json (My swords model file)

        "parent": "item/handheld",
        "textures": {
            "layer0": "testing:items/glass_sword_handle",
            "layer1": "testing:items/glass_sword_clear"

    I've looked through twilight forests source to figure out how they did it with their glass sword and ice bow but couldn't find anything different from how I've done mine. Any help would be great. ^-^

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