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    posted a message on ✦ The World of Apollo ✦ || 1.16+|| Semi-Vanilla Survival || 18+|| 118+ Mob Heads || Better Sleep || Active Discord || Events ||

    Name: Shelby

    In-Game Name: Shegby

    Discord Name: Shelby#6666


    Country: Australia

    Favourite Aspects of Online Play: Has to be meeting new people, creating memories and being able to detox from the real world.

    Least Favourite Aspects of Online Play: Has to be whenever people are toxic and aren't willing to either take a joke or settle down when needed.

    A bit more about yourself: I'm just a 20 year old bloke from Australia that enjoys surfing and skating but ive been meaning to get back into playing games so might aswell start with the OG.

    Referral by Apollo Player (if applicable): Steph

    Cheers, Shelby

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    posted a message on 📣Second Home SMP | Whitelisted - 1.16.4 - Survival - Have your say in what this server entails!

    *Discord Username: Shelby#6666
    *Minecraft IGN: Shegby
    *Age (This will not determine your application!): 20
    (If applicable) YouTube/Twitch Link: N/A
    *What do you hope to bring to the community of Second Home SMP? I hope to bring my decent sense of humour my moderately average building skills and an all round good vibe to the whole community.
    *How long have you been playing Minecraft? Started back in 1.2.5 but its been a few years since I've gotten back into it seriously.
    *What's your time-zone and what country are you in: GMT+8 Im from Australia.
    *What are you most skilful at in Minecraft? (Building, PVP, Redstone etc.) It used to be PVP but yaknow ill probably be a wee bit rusty at this point in time
    How often do you think you could play? Ill try get on at least once a day!
    Anything else you'd like to let us know? I work shift work on a 2 week roster so I wont have the most time in the world to be active but ill sure try my best.

    Thanks, Shelby.

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    posted a message on ⌛ Juice SMP ⌛ Season 2 Applications now CLOSED! | Brand new world! | Whitelisted | 16+

    IGN (In-Game Name): Shegby

    Age: 18

    Timezone/Country: AWST Australia

    How long have you been playing Minecraft?: Since roughly 1.2.5

    Will you be able to play often?: Well I work a 12 hour a day job but I will try to get on atleast 2 hours a day at the least.

    Discord name (so we know who to msg)(Only your name, not your #tag): Shelby #6666

    On a scale from 1-10, how would you rate your building skills and overall creativity?: Ah atleast a 6 or 7 just depending on the amount of time I put into a build

    Why should our community choose you? Convince us!: Well currently im looking for a stable good smp server to spend my nights on because currently i spend my time after work just drinking which obviously isnt too good for my health, but a little bit about me I am an 18 year old fly in fly out miner from australia I enjoy spending my time playing games surfing and playing baseball. I feel like i would be a good addition to the server

    Cheers, Shelby

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    posted a message on New 1.13.2 Vanilla Server Looking for Players |Vanilla|Whitelist|Survival18+

    IGN: Shegby

    Tell me something your good at in game: Probably just mining and building

    How long have you been playing minecraft? Since around 1.2.5

    age: 18

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    posted a message on [CLOSED] 🍻 Ebrius SMP 🍻 | 18+ | 1.13.2 | Vanilla | Whitelist | Discord | Weekly Events | Community Focused |

    IGN/Username: Shegby

    What should we call you?: Either Shegby or shelby im not very concerned

    Age: 18

    Country + Timezone: Australia AWST

    Tell us a bit about yourself: Well i am an 18 year old guy working a fly in fly out job at an iron ore minesite (ironic i know) working 12 hour days looking for a good community of people to have fun and play some minecraft with considering my job is fairly isolating.

    I am also very passionate about photography surfing and baseball.

    How active will you be?: will be on for around 2 to 4 hours after work every day.

    Have you ever been banned from a private server?: not to my knowledge.

    What do you think you can bring to the server? Well i can bring a positive and happy attitude to the server and my fairly rusty but decent building skills.

    Any other questions or comments?: looks like an amazing server would love to join the community.

    Show us some of your past builds or contraptions(images/videos) (Optional): Sorry dont have any.

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