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    IGN: Shelbyhiphop

    Timezone: Central

    Discord: shelbyhiphop#9861

    Position: Admin

    Pictures of bulids (if applying for bulider): N/A

    Reasons we should consider over others for the position: Yes i am 14 but i am very mature and have been playing minecraft for about 6 years now and over that time I have acquired alot of experience. I was HeadMod on a server that shut down a few years go (because of owners lack of interest). So i am used to the staff life (All the hackers, immature mouths, etc). I am a friendly person but i show no bias in players punishments. Im a loyal player meaning I dont go from server to server i find a good one and stay there! Im a get things done kind of gal which means I dont procrastinate. Im also a promblem solver if something goes wrong i react immediatly. If i dont know the answer i look to other staff for advise or i search until i find the answer! I am not very easily annoyed so i can help the players who are still getting a hold of things. I am respectful but still assertive. I am familiar with commands but could still use some work. I am a person whos strives to be a better person and create a better server experience for the players! Im the kind of person you can count on to be there when needed. Im great at communicating clearly. I am the type of person you want on your staff! So lets get a great team and make this server climb to the top!

    Amount of time you are capable of being on a day: 4-6 lol ya i have no life but this could change because i have quite a few animals and i have school.

    Some things about me: I have Alot of animals. I love the beach! And I also love to discord!

    I hope you consider me thanks for reading!!- shelby

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