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    posted a message on Savage RPG - [1.7] [Custom Bosses with over 250 Unique Abilities!] [Diablo Style Loot] [Dungeons] [Quests] [Classes] [Towns] [Pv
    ign shadowolf9696
    age 23
    voted on all three websites.
    ever been banned from a server? nope have owned and admined on many servers.
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    posted a message on Minecraft - Black Ice Village. "The Town With A Dark Past"

    heres a video of the newest town on our pixelmon server
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    posted a message on pixelmontastic server 24/7 a pixelmon server
    hey guys and gals here is a newish server designed for the pokemon mod!!! here is a quick video

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    posted a message on [SRV]/{ADV} Chaos of Fire and Water
    Quote from mm55052 »
    I just downloaded it, I hope it rocks!

    Awesome!! =D Let me know what you think, first time I ever tried making a map, I actually had a lot of fun with it.
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    posted a message on [SRV]/{ADV} Chaos of Fire and Water
    80 downloads and no comments?? XD Bump
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    posted a message on [SRV]/{ADV} Chaos of Fire and Water
    Heres a intro video
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    posted a message on [SRV]/{ADV} Chaos of Fire and Water
    You awake early in the morning, you lay in bed longing for the feel of your wife
    lying next to you once again. Three years have passed since that tragic day.
    The earth shook with great magnitude, the earth split on the Cacti Farm and lava
    ruptured out from the core of the planet. The earthquake caused a Tsunami sized
    wave to sweep across the village. your wife was in the fields when it happened.
    A month after the event rebuilding started those who were left would meet in
    the old town hall to discuss their options. One day a mysterious traveling
    Priest wondered in on the meeting and shared his thoughts.

    "You people have fell victim to the Chaos of Fire and Water, The two Gods
    have been at war since the dawn of time. Allow me to offer my aid as a Priest
    of the Gods, I can help keep them at bay..."

    3 Years have passed since that day, You denied joining the rest
    of the village in their "Sky Town", perfectly content on the small island where
    your farm, and fields once stood. but something mysterious has happened..
    Story line - about an hour of play time easy but not insanely easy.
    Quests - 15 quests with unique reward system (providing you play honestly)
    snapshot quests - hidden spots for your "Photo Album"
    fun facts - can you find all 18 of the fun facts?
    Survival - do not leave your island until 3 days have passed and you have at least two tree's planted
    No swimming,
    No breaking blocks minus trees, clay, sand, and "Burning" wool. (until story mode is complete)
    must play on normal or hard
    when you get a quest sign read the details in the quest.txt
    when you get a note sign read the note in the notes.txt folder
    mining is permitted in the safe zone of the mines.

    Download link here.
    Submit your scores and your thoughts here =D
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    posted a message on [REQ} many "easy Ideas"
    Hey everyone, so as I was working on my adventure map yesterday I realized something.. the game needs more "Furniture Options" that when it hit me my first request is this.
    Wool slabs - work just like other slabs, stairs and can place signs on the sides (all colors)
    Wool Stairs - another chair / sofa style.
    As I was playing yesterday I kind of realized Notch has been lazy =P there soooo many things that should be added and I'm sure he will be adding a ton of stuff, mainly Items in a game with almost infinite possibilities there should be a ton of items.
    as I'm rambling on my last request is more mob drops perhaps if its possible make it so mobs drop 3-4 different items but rarity controls how often you may get drop, for example
    70% arrow
    70% bone
    20% "New item"
    1% bow
    just an idea =D
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    posted a message on [req] (help) Keyblades. mmi version done.
    hey modders, I'm looking for someone who will take my MMI idea and turn it into a legit mod, I have all the sprites finished as well as the basic info of them such as damage, abilities, crafting ingredients ect, heres a promo video
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    posted a message on Quote of the day minecraft style.
    josh dont you remember inception youre not supposed to recreate things from real life otherwise you wont be able to distinguish reality from mine craft
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    posted a message on wanna partake in destroying my world? HELP PLZ!!
    Hey guys shadowolf here, I'm making this thread to ask for the communities help. ( :SSSS: WTFLIP we won't help you) well not everyone is mean like you creeper in my window.
    I am poor and can not afford Minecraft >< its been killing me, I make mod videos and everything on the single player beta version offline mode thingy and it gets sooo lonely. so heres the deal. watch the video below to see the world I've put a lot of time into and if you see something you want to partake in blowing up or burning down donate to my get m.c fund =p ( :iapprove: sounds like a scam) well Notch God of the minecraft world it is not let me explain. *videos will be made of each destruction.*
    donate a gift code = your name in all of my videos ending credits + complete explosion of my world.
    donate a few bucks choose something you like and how to destroy it.
    heres the virtual tour.
    heres the link to the official Shadowolf website.

    Ending notes. I feel like a tool asking for help from people, and am expecting a lot hate / flame / stuff from posting this however I am desperate. soooooooooo with that being said, =) please help.
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    posted a message on [Funny] Let's Play Series WILL MAKE YOU LAUGH!
    hey I love it, keep up the videos, I also love you MAC how to videos a lot of mac users struggle with installing mods. Good Job!!
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    posted a message on Lets play Kingdom Hearts Craft official thread.
    Episode 1, House and Wooden Keyblade

    *Intro to this series, I will be doing 10mins episodes playing Kingdomheartscraft legitimately any ideas or requests can be posted here or on the youtube channel.
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    posted a message on Shado's Empire my main building zone =3
    Virtual Tour of my building zone!!
    A intro to Keyblades =3

    Comments on Shado's Empire any ideas? things that need improvements? challenges?
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    posted a message on Flan's Mod 5.5.2 Update : 1.12.2, 100s of new Skins! : Helicopters, Mechas, Planes, Vehicles, 3D Guns, Multiplayer, TDM, CTF
    Just wanted to swing by and drop these off :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond:
    great work, I love flying around and taking in the random generated world which is minecraft XD
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