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    posted a message on Are ALL the servers down???
    Google has ruined the good name of Beta, Notch should have kept it in alpha (;

    Edit: Looks like its working again.
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    Quote from Phasem »
    Quote from RedReapa »
    This has been an ongoing problem for 2 days. What the hell is going on, I didn't pay to look at red letters. I understand the game is in beta, and there are down times, but this is ridiculous.

    Beta 1.3 was just released.

    Please consult the countless other threads regarding this issue before making a post next time.

    Right that's a helpful post. Could you link to one of the posts for the solution? No? Mouth full of dicks? I'll wait.

    The old 1.2.02 launcher works fine, and as long as the server op updated their map it works perfectly fine. But if you've downloaded the 1.3 launcher - it simply refuses to connect to the server.

    This authentication method, while being important to protect against piracy is a total cluster **** when all you want to do is connect to yours or a buddies server and beat down some blocks.


    Will someone with some authority please make a friggin comment besides "The biggest problem so far seems to be the “too many failed log in attempts” bug. That’s caused by the server getting every one connecting to the server mixed up"

    If Mojang knows whats screwing up - friggin fix it.
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    posted a message on Are ALL the servers down???
    Quote from chronicposer »
    Minecraft.net is having issues so playing offline is the only option at this time. Have some patience and just keep trying every 15 minutes or so.

    Bullpucky, it's working just fine with the 1.2.02 launcher. This is absolutely a launcher issue and has little to do with the servers.
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    Quote from wooaa »
    darn, i was doing well, i would hate to need to redownload the game and lose my data, is there a way to keep it? i know it sounds dumb, but i like my castle.

    Just save the data from the Application Support folder, once you reinstall, make sure minecraft isn't running and replace the appropriate folders from the original - the "saves" folder.

    Doesn't really matter though. The new launcher can't even connect to minecraft. It's like some horrible april fools joke. It looks nice though. Thank god for that ::roll eyes::
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    posted a message on Server Problems, Launcher Problems, Mac Problems...
    don't forget you have to chmod +x /path/to/game/Minecraft.app/Contents/MacOS/JavaApplicationStub

    But it doesn't matter. It's impossible to log in with the new client anyway. It'll either say Can't connect to minecraft.net (it was working mere minutes ago with the old launcher) or it'll just sit there saying "logging in" for five minutes before failing back to "Can't connect to minecraft.net", which is obviously incorrect.

    The authentication, which I totally understand from a piracy perspective, really ****s up the enjoyment of the game. Particularly when you never play on any of the standard servers and only on a buddies machine. Seriously.

    Broke. Ass.
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    posted a message on [Mod] Zan's Mods! (Minimap/zMod) - 30 Jan
    OS X users, FYI:
    If you're using The Unarchiver in OS X it will produce a folder and installer with corrupted files, instead opt to right click and choose open with Archive Utility (the base archive utility that comes with OS X). Otherwise when you try run the installer you'll wind up with this cool* error (regardless of changing or re-changing the perms on the file, they cannot be fixed - at least to the lengths I was willing to try; GUI, CHMOD, CHOWN, etc):

    I've never seen this behavior before with anything extracted using The Unarchiver but using systems Archive Utility seems to have fixed it.

    *sarcasm heh
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