About Me
I'm sort of new to the internet, and the people on it. Back when I was completely new, I messed up on a lot of things, including on the forums here. I gave likes to posts, but now I have different opinions on them. I accidentally necro'ed once, but it wasn't a necro post that wasn't allowed (look at the rules to see what I mean). But I still regret doing it. And, probably on the MC servers I was trolled a lot. However, back then I didn't care, and I still don't care. Well, time passed. I'm a little better now. XD

Whenever I'm not on the internet, and with people in public, I'm more of the quiet and mysterious type. I usually have a blank face, and I'm barely outgoing. However, when I'm with my family I'm myself. Including on the internet. Pretty much, I'm a shy person. On the outside.
Interests Minecraft, art, music, books, and my Aunt's two dogs. That's pretty much it. : P

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