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    posted a message on 1.16.2 or 1.17 IDEA

    I don't like the 1.8 combat system, and it's probably never coming back. Jeb is already working on another combat update and it's not gonna be the spam clicking combat 1.8 had.

    Yeah can't imagine they'd remove spam clicking just to... bring back spam clicking.

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    posted a message on Omeletts for cooking eggs
    Quote from Panzerkrieger_»

    I would like some crafting recepts for more "advanced" foot or as I personally prefer more: Some ways to eat automatically. What do you think?

    "Some ways to eat automatically"? What?

    Not seeing the value of adding more "advanced" food. It just seems like we're adding that stuff just for the sake of being added. We have more than plenty of food types. What is adding extra edible sprites gonna accomplish?

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    posted a message on Get broken Glass if you break glass without Silk touch
    Quote from jdc997»

    I like the idea, especially if you can use broken glass shards as a replacement for flint in arrow recipes.

    Yeah... sorry but that's an awful idea. People will just place down glass, shatter it and get easy shards as a flint replacement. Spoils the point of finding gravel. Item replacement ideas usually fail hard because of that reason.

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    posted a message on 1.16.2 or 1.17 IDEA
    Quote from mantas7878»

    You know how people loved 1.8 cobat system well what if 1.16.2 or 1.17 u could add or remove fetures like grab the combat from 1.8 and add it to the 1.17

    nooooope. aaaaain't gonna happen.That's not how proper game development works. Combat is here to stay and... keep staying.

    then servers could transfer the version to 1.17 and take certain things from versions

    That just complicates things. This has been brought up a thousand times before and rejected every time.

    like if u like how apples look then u could click somthimg and add it to 1.17

    I don't even...

    custom version update :DDDDD


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    posted a message on Omeletts for cooking eggs
    Quote from Agtrigormortis»

    It really is stupid the amount of limitations the game has on things like this.


    Of course you can use the eggs for pumpkin pie or cake, but no one starts out with this when they make a new world, resources have to be earned to get these in survival. Some alternatives for the eggs you find from chickens (other than spawning new ones) would be nice, otherwise they're just wasting inventory space.

    Omelettes would be just another sprite to ram down your throat. I don't see why this is that big of an issue.

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    posted a message on New Biome Haunted Forest

    Who made those mob models?

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    posted a message on Exclusive fishing loot

    Yeah, no shade, but could you please hit your enter key a few times so we're not seeing a big block of text?

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    posted a message on Get broken Glass if you break glass without Silk touch

    It's an alright idea by itself, but I don't know if I personally would add something like this, seeing as how painfully easy it is to get sand. I'd still support anyway.

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    posted a message on hail and floods

    People really need to start searching before suggesting this.

    This idea has been hated for years. I don't want my buildings/world trolled by these things. no thanks.

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    posted a message on Seized Villages

    The idea is perfectly fine, but a small piece of advice though.


    I don't know what to do with ravagers. Does anyone have any ideas?

    This isn't a big deal, but you probably shouldn't put incomplete suggestions parts in your idea. As not everyone will keep checking back to see if something is finished.

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    posted a message on Magic Wand/Staff Crafting and Enchanting
    Quote from headgames001»

    The closest we as players get to any sort of magic are splash potions that most of the time just blow up in our pixelated faces. How about we change that, by using the crafting and enchanting that we already have?

    I know this thread is months old, but how many times are people gonna bring up this magic wand stuff? We already have magic in the game that covers nearly everything, these wand threads usually just re-add what was already there while also being a "let's add this so we technically have more" idea.

    Imagine taking nether quartz, a fire charge, and a stick, and crafting a wand, then depending on the number of levels you charge it with, it does a certain amount of fire damage for as long as the charge lasts. But then, instead of a stick, you use a blaze rod, and now it's a staff that casts fire on blocks, creating walls of fire. Great for when you want to block a path with fire! Or maybe burn a village down..

    We already have enchantments and things that do this stuff.

    Redstone wands and staves could be used to activate redstone components, with staves having a longer effect. You could create hidden rooms without any levers or buttons to reveal they even exist, perfect for secret bases!

    This sounds good on paper by itself, but doesn't need to be in magic wand form.

    Take some rotting flesh, a bone, and maybe a spider eye, and you can make a wand that pacifies the undead for a while, or a staff that makes them follow you. Create your own undead army!

    I'm sorry but this one is just awful. Taming hostile mobs was always an idea that failed hard here, because of how it muddles balance. No thanks, hostile mobs should just stay hostile, and not turn into your overpowered army.

    These are just basic ideas, I'm sure most of the potion effects could be made into wands/staves, like a healing wand that basically just shoots out invisible healing potions, with a cooldown, until the charge runs out.

    So the wand is fundamentally just a throwable potion?

    I think this would create a whole new dimension to the game, especially for those that are creating fantasy adventure maps like myself, or just survival veterans that are just aching for a new way to play.

    There's no "whole no dimension" here. What you've given us is basically potion effects but from a wand instead or changing how undead mobs work which is a balance nightmare. This isn't a "new way to play"...

    So, do you think this would be a good addition? And what abilities would you like to see?

    uh no, sorry.

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    posted a message on Mob - Enderdog
    Quote from magimine»

    My idea is a new mob I call an "Enderdog". It's pretty stupid, but I don't care.

    Kind of a lapse in judgement. If it's stupid, why post it?

    The idea would've been fine if this wasn't just a wolf reskin with teleport abilities. If it had some more originality behind it, you'd probably have something good.

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    posted a message on Three-part idea of Giant Mob and additions.
    Quote from tow4rzysz»

    Are you really trying to convince me that nostalgia is not the only thing needed (something I know already) or are you trying to tell me "It's old so it's bad"?

    Good lord I think my point flew straight over you there. You're shrinking down the context of what I'm saying when I've been giving you loads of explanations. stop please.

    It gives an option to jump aside by sloppyness and un-vanilla-ness.


    ATM vanilla is about subtlety and subversiveness.

    Uh, no I think it's about what fits and improves the game without going overboard. And I think giants taking up a fat massive chunk of space and being all "brute force because players would love that!" doesn't belong there.

    You gotta point elsewhere what the problem is.

    No I sure don't, I've given you enough good reasons.

    So all your point is "this game is about subtlety and subversiveness, so everything remotely related to brute force is bad"?
    You can cause much more destruction to property with conventional tools and explosives, or even playing around with flint and steel.

    *headdesk again* You need to work on your reading comprehension. Now I'm just convinced you're doing selective reading. You're spinning my words so incorrectly it hurts whether you choose to believe that or not. No dude, I'm not saying "everyth1ng with brute f0rce is baaadd!!", I'm saying being a spacetaking giant that can mindlessly crush everything in front of them is bad.

    Using the "it's okay man, there's already other ways you can destroy stuff!" is a lame argument people have been using here since 2011. It doesn't defend your idea in the slightest. And I don't want annoying giants on top of what destructive stuff we have anyway. Of course explosives and tools can destroy stuff, this is a game about building, combat and terraforming.

    I thought that player has enough reason not to drink it in cramped space.
    That's a problem in fact.

    *is too lazy to strip mine*

    *drinks steroidy giant potion and bursts massive whole underground*

    *woo easy diamonds!*

    You realise that brewing involves use of nether wart and blaze rods not just initially?
    Just because enchanted pickaxes are meant to dig fast doesn't mean that you don't have player-killers that will drill through anything to get you.

    I have no idea what this even proves. I know the effort it takes to make potion stands, I still hate the idea of being a giant all the time. No reason that would change my view. The second part of this quote confuses me even more.

    All I'm saying that many strip miners, nether wanderers, sky-builders, elytra users and ocean roamers can hardly ever have to deal with giants without even trying to avoid them on purpose.

    Aaaand some players are gonna be on the ground. I ask again, why do we need this anyway besides nostalgia goggles and brute force?

    What does that prove?
    You scream "overpowered" even after admitting that the many negatives would make it at most unbalanced rather than overpowered.

    Adding extra cons to an idea to help balance it doesn't mean something is perfectly balanced. It still doesn't make all ideas turn from awful to good.

    All I understand from this is that "core" doesn't work somehow, and because of that everything else doesn't matter.
    And also that I'm tunnel-visioned oversimplifying madcap. I could just as well say in counterargument that you are a troll or hater. Just why? It's ad hominem with 0 value in discussion.

    lol yeah you use the word "somehow" like I explained nothing. If I was a """troll""" I wouldn't even bother typing this much to you, and "hater" or not I'm stating my case. I didn't just walk and go "idea is sux" without posting anything else. And please don't make a comparison saying that that's what I did.
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    posted a message on Ideas and suggestions for Minecraft

    Why in the Christ would you want hostile mobs to gang up on Villagers? You have any idea how fast villagers would be dead meat?

    Quote from sabotage77099»

    I 100 % agree with that, it should be optional

    You just used the most common failed thing for a suggestion. no.
    Edit: And that got 2 upvotes? Wooow this forum has really really changed...

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    posted a message on New Dimension Ideas
    Quote from sfsmodding»

    Some of Jupiter's moons like Europa and Saturn's moon Enceladus might have global oceans under their ice crusts which might be the real life version of the underwater world.

    Bumping a thread from 2010 eh?

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