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    posted a message on my game is not responding

    If your computer has a low amount of computer power, then it's normal, but if it's usually high-power, your computer is probably infested with some virus or malware. Try getting an antivirus like avg or norton which may help.

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    posted a message on My villagers wont breed

    Ok so firstly check the amount of beds. If the number of beds is equal to the amount of villagers, then the villagers won't breed. Try putting down some more beds. If it still doesn't work, try using other foods, like carrots, wheat, beetroots or carrots.If it still doesn't work, report it at https://bugs.mojang.com

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    posted a message on I set a build on fire by accident

    Once a build is gone and you have no backups, i'm afraid it's gone forever. However to stop this from happening you can do the command /gamerule DoFireTick false so fire won't spread or destroy flammable blocks.

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    posted a message on Beacon Color

    If you're on 1.8+ and always open up the gui, try shifting while placing, it won't open the gui and you can place blocks on any block with a gui.

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    posted a message on Any way to get a minecon cape code on 2019?

    Currently Minecraft don't give out Minecon capes. The only way at the moment is to suggest or make a feature that ends up in minecraft eg.(pigmen,turtles)

    or get bedrock edition and get the free founder's cape or wait until the avatar editor fully comes out where you can buy capes for minecoins. Anyone who sells a cape code is probably lying. EDIT: Completely forgot the realms mapmaker cape, where you need to make content for realms to get it.

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    posted a message on I want to automate my survival world WE WANT YOU!

    I know how to make egg farms, sugar cane farms and villager breeders in survival mode, but i still need to learn how to make iron and gold farms. I can help with that stuff.

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