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    posted a message on [1.2.5] The Official PokeMobs
    Quote from bigprosoccr296

    Youtube video?? <3

    Haha since you asked nicely I will record one tonight
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    posted a message on [1.2.5] The Official PokeMobs
    Updated =D

    make sure to report bugs


    added Basic random villages[will improve and add on later]
    added New Items
    -super potion
    -max revive
    added basic npcs[will improve and add more later]
    fixed pokemon falling bug
    fixed rare candies not giving xp
    balanced healing table
    added basic shop
    added basic currency[currently can only get through selling pokeballs you make]
    moved the pokemon off of the chat bar
    fixed spawns

    dr. zharks custom spawner is now required!!

    EDIT: Don't forget DR zharks custom spawner!!!!!!!
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    testing pokemobs v.5
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    Towns are finished, a bit buggy but I will clean them up after I release this next update.
    NPC's are done as well.
    I am going to add more buildings in the next update.
    All I have left now is adding a few more pokemon and make a gui & currency system.

    take this information how you want, all I am saying is that I don't have much left to do. I am not giving a date on when it is done so nobody can get their panties in a twist :tongue.gif:
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    Quote from XxUkNinjaxX

    Thank you sea for all the amazing work you have already done and good luck in your future work

    Quote from FruityCake

    Well, just remember for every QQer there are several of us who are just quietly waiting, glad that your making something awesome for us. Don't let the silly little kiddies get u down.

    Thanks guys
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    Quote from michael_rocks

    DUDE! ARE YOU SERIOUSE!!!! i used to stand up for him but this long!!! i mean yes he has a life and yes its good enough he actually made the mod! BUT ALL THE LIES! SERIOUSLY! i lost faith in him....

    When have I lied? I only ever gave estimations. Estimations that people quite frankly beg for. after all the bitching everyone does about how much I work on this mod its a miracle I even work on it at all anymore. you balance a computer engineering degree, part time job, girlfriend , and then find time to work on a mod all by yourself. I am only one person who tries his hardest to make a mod that everyone will enjoy.

    To be honest All the bitching from everyone is taking the fun away from working on the mod, which is originally why I started it in the first place.

    So here is a new estimation, the mod will get finished when I have time to work on it, And when I feel like working on it. when I log in on here and see everyone complaining that doesn't make me want to work, that puts me in a bad mood.

    furthermore I gave up my weekend to try and get as much done as possible
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    Quote from Valkenhyne

    Pretty sure it hasn't been half a year since the last update. More like two/three months.

    It has actually been less than two months
    Quote from mrEmachine

    FFS stop defending the maker. If he at least gave a confirmed date it would be released by then people would shut up. Instead he says not yet and we continue to wait. Mo creatures updated far FAR quicker and gave a correct completion date. It is understandable to expect the same from another mod.

    Then use mo creatures I don't get paid to do this, and I go to college. In my opinion(and this may make some people upset) my school work is more important than minecraft
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    Quote from EdgeTube

    Excellent news. I was going to see town size after release and was expecting to suggest upsized towns. But what will the currency thing be about? Can you give us a spoiler on it? How you get it and such?

    towns will come in various sizes eventually but in the update they will all be relatively small just so I can get this update out quicker. And the currency will be obtained from battles(eventually) and selling pokeItems such as pokeballs.
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    I am still alive and 1.1 should be out very soon here is a checklist of things i need to finish still

    -more town buildings
    -npcs(they made me mad so I deleted them and decided to start over with a different design)
    -maybe more pokemon
    -1.1 patch
    -apricorn saplings

    things already added
    -random towns(took a really long time)
    -pokemon fall damage glitch
    -pokemon rarecandy xp glitch
    -moved the pokemon gui
    -added potions and revives
    -fixed healing tables so they aren't as broken
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    posted a message on [1.2.5] The Official PokeMobs
    Quote from TacticalWolph

    How Close to is it to being done Sea?

    Update and the API

    the update is almost done I have just been sick lately and resting alot. The api i will start after i release this next update
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