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    When i try and download the 2.1 map, it sends me to adfly and demands me to turn off my adblock, when i do i cant even get to the download site and i think there is a virus on my computer now. Can you send me a link to the site if where i was supposed to go? thanks.

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    posted a message on How do i remove shadows with optifine?

    I have heard that you could remove shadows in optifine, making it look like everything is well-lit and no shadows can be seen, this did work when i first got optifine but when i started switching versions it got bugged. Does anyone know how i can disable these shadows

    Here are some examples of what i mean:

    The first picture shows me with optifine on, but there are no shadows (ignore the fact that it is hypixel im on)

    Now the shadows in the second picture can be shown when i am in a hole

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