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    Quote from Wint3rsmith»

    I'm loving this map, I've got a nice house, but I'm not sure what the end plan is, do I spawn all the eggs or save them?

    Nice screenshot, I like your house!

    How much time have you spent into playing? Do you have any ideas or suggestion for further updates?

    The major goal of the map is to rebuild the world. As for that, MoonLightFight shares the same idea as SkyBlock except that in MoonLightFight you can get almost everything you could get in Vanilla Minecraft. MoonLightFight has an open end. You could say, you have completed the map if you have achieved all the challenges.

    You can get some spawners as rewards. You can use the spawn eggs on these spawners or just spawn the eggs. You will get more spawn eggs than spawners so it's up to you what eggs you prefer keeping.

    With the next update I will add more challenges for the Nether.

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    News: I just released MoonLightFight 2.1!

    Download MoonLightFight 2.1

    Changes to MoonLightFight 2.0:

    • Minecraft vanilla advancements removed
    • advancements and rewards redesigned: new advancements and rewards added
    • mob drops redesigned: new drops added

    Feel free to share some screenshots or videos of your MoonLightFight!

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    MoonLightFight: Fight the mobs, win back the blocks and rebuild the world

    Dark times rule over the world. All mobs united and stole the entire world. Block by block. Their last act: Stealing the sun. What is left: The debris of darkness. It is night. The mobs created their own world they dominate.

    But there is hope: A warrior appeared. You! You are the last hope of the world! Face up the challenges and fight for survival!

    MoonLightFight is a survival map. You spawn on an empty barrel with a sword in your hand. Mobs killed by you will drop blocks. Take these blocks and start reconstructing the world. There are 55 challenges which you will find in the Minecraft advancements (Press 'L'). Completing challenges gives you rewards. Rewards are items or crafting recipes. Use the Minecraft recipe book to find unlocked recipes.

    Download MoonLightFight 2.1

    Older version:

    Download MoonLightFight 2.0

    The map supports multiplayer mode. When all players are in the spawn, press the "Start" button.

    If you want to use the map for any kind of video and/or audio projects, e.g. Let's Plays, please name the creator Scivery and link here to this minecraftforum.net entry.

    I orignally posted earlier versions here but I had to create a new minecraftforum.net account due to twitch.tv is unable to verify my original account Scievery.

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