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    Pretty good server and great community! After we got done on the SMP server, we all got together and found some minigames servers to play on for a while. It was really fun and I look forward to great times with this server!

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    I hadn't played on a server quite like this before. Now, having been on it for about 3 hours, I'll tell you my experience.

    I can't say I've had the full experience of a hardcore server, since i haven't died yet.

    What I will say is that it has a lot of potential.


    I joined the server expecting to immediately be annihilated by someone with enchanted diamond gear. What I found was an eerie feeling of isolation. I spent my first day as others probably would, making some basic stone tools and hunting. I climbed up a tree and built a small shack to spend the night in as my raw pork was cooked.

    The server owner logged in, and we talked for a while. He told me about how there used to be many, but the spawn was small, so death was common. We spent the night peacefully chatting to help time pass as rain fell.

    Dawn came and rain left; so I packed my supplies and decided to search for a cave; where I could gather some minerals and get some decent gear that would help keep the would-be bandit away. I found what I looked for, nice and secluded, and went to work.

    After a while of mining and smelting, a few other players had logged on. One had been on the server for about a day, and the other had just joined. The new one seemed peaceful enough, and we talked of great plans of forming a clan, or even an underground town.

    Then he fell and died.

    The other online player and I both felt remorseful, something I never felt from seeing a death message in minecraft before. My hopes and plans had been ruined by one line of text, and it hurt.

    I decided to wait on making any sort of public town until I had the gear to defend myself from malicious players who value destruction over creation. I spent the next hour and a half mining, gathering food, and just surviving. I talked to my other online friend about possibly trading with them in the future, an idea which they seemed happy to try once they felt safe enough.


    If there's one thing I like about the server, it's that the player lives are far more precious than on servers with respawning. There is a risk of losing friends, like I did, forever. While I'm sure that there will always be murderers; the players I met seemed to have a more cooperative; or at the very least a "live and let live" attitude, which is hard to come by on most SMP servers.

    It may seem strange, but the small amount of players I met was actually interesting to me. One of the biggest reasons we play on multiplayer is simply to see and interact with others. After I lost my one friend to a fall; I spent any idle moment hoping my other friend wouldn't perish the same way. I am a person who values contact with others, and the thought of complete loneliness on that server is an almost frightening prospect.

    As I spent nights in my small, claustrophobic cave, away from the dangers of the surface, I clung to the words my friend spoke. I had never even seen them in the game, but they were the one thing keeping my mind off of the perils of the deep underground.

    Even as I type this, I wonder if they died while I logged off, or if someone came to kill them.

    I plan to play on this server until my character's death, which I hope is not soon.

    If you want to play on a server where there is risk to death; and actual connection with other players, I HIGHLY recommend this one.

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    posted a message on [mcMMO] [Economy] [Jobs] VarsityCraft - 99.9% Bug Free - 99% Uptime - 24/7 - Spigot 1.8 - Join Now!

    Really nice staff on the server! Not too many people on it yet, but it's pretty untouched and has so much potential!

    Once I have a town set up, expect an update from me :)

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    This is what I think would be a good backstory to Minecraft. Enjoy:

    Part one: Creation :grass:
    In the beginning, it was just a bleak universe. cold, dark, lifeless. Everything was unknown, nonexistent. But then, something happened. A small Portal opened up, revealing a single, lonely, green block. after many long "Years" The block shattered. it revealed a small, bearded lifeform. This was Notch. he simply pointed and a wormhole opened up, which revealed thousands upon millions of blocks, all of them white and shining. but no, Notch wanted them different. He first made the Dirt, Grainy and moist.Then Stone, and trees. but after a long time, he grew bored of the forests. He took several white blocks, bashed them together, and a Human spawned. with the original blue shirt an purple pants. The Human first had a blank stare, and then grew a smile. Notch smiled back. They then proceeded to create their own elements. Notch made Flowers and Mushrooms by cutting the blocks he forged. the Human, his smile everlasting, created Glass from sand that Notch produced,and then he made planks by cutting the logs from the trees that Notch planted. However, after making many forests and deserts, Notch and the human knew there was something missing, for the trees were all the same size. then after 2 years of wondering, Notch and the human realized, plants need water. so Notch and the Human worked hard, creating water and giving it to the world, and eventually, some very long grass grew along with the trees. This became the wheat that we see today. Then, Notch and the Human went to explore the caves they made, and thought that they were blank and boring. so, Notch thought hard and created the First ores. First Coal, then Iron, Gold, and then, he created Diamond. The diamonds within the ore amazed then human, along with the other ores. He punched as he did with the trees to make planks, but after a long time, it just disappeared. the human then was simply playing around with planks on the surface, he broke off a small piece, perfectly straight, and then, the Human looked at it, and then pondered for a long time. Then he took his blocky hand, and grabbed hold of the stick. he then looked at some wood and stone, and then got an idea, tools. He got some planks together and crated a workbench so it may be easier to create the tools. He made a pickax to mine the various ores and stone of the Earth, the Ax to chop down trees without breaking his hand in the process, the shovel to dig through sand and gravel (Gravel came from failed experiments with the unknown white blocks.), then he created the Hoe to make the soil more suitable for the Wheat. He built himself a large fortress, with a farm and a large mine. After looking at his large collection of ores, he wondered, "Ok, I've gotten the ores out, not how to get out the mineral itself. Also, how do I get Diamonds? they jut disappear after a long time of using my stone pick..." he tried using the pickax to carefully get the ore out, but the ore would always break. so, after years of thinking, The Human spoke to Notch saying "I've pondered about how to get the minerals you've created out of their rocky homes?" Then Notch replied: "I'm not sure but it is quite cold out here. Like always. Also, I'm getting tired of this blinding light from the collection of those white blocks we have. we need a source of light that's strong enough to keep the Eternal Darkness from returning, but I don't want to be blinded all the time or have to keep making a new source because I'm tired of the new one!" After may days of thinking, the two created Four things together. The Sun, the Moon, a Gravitational force connecting the Sun and Moon, rotating them, and Fire. The Human thanked Notch, and quickly returned to his Castle to work with the fire. Putting it in his hand was painful, and putting ore on top of it just extinguished it. so, The human thought for a while, and created The Furnace which ignited within when given fuel (wood or coal) and has an ore within. then, after long days of work, he collected a massive amount of diamonds and made tools form those. Another day, Notch and the Human walked through the world for a while more, and then when the human wasn't looking, he tripped on a log and he fell face-first in the dirt, when he got up, he immediately spat the dirt out saying: "This tastes HORRIBLE! but I do wonder, is it possible to make a good tasting object?" Notch shrugged and then they continued walking. after a few days, Notch went over to the Humans Castle, only to hear him crying, he walked up and said: "What's the problem?" the Human replied: "Why must there be only two of us!? I've grown so lonely in this place!" then Notch helped him outside, and then he took some white blocks and put them in the shape of a pig, then a cow, and then a sheep, and then, Notch created another human. He proceeded to created an infinite number of these beings, and then the Humans all came to worship and respect Notch. hey all began to work with him. However, one human had lost his eye pupils in creation, but everyone still accepted him. Notch even said he was unique and a very special gift his world. He even got a name besides "Human." From that day forward, he was known as "Herobrine."

    Part Two: The End of the Beginning :Skeleton:
    As Notch, the First human (Designated with a white robe and red cape.) and Herobrine continued to create and build. They all made complex objects and devices. However, one day, Herobrine had went deep within the stone and ore and had created Lava. he showed this to an unsuspecting human and said: "Go ahead, it's fine." The Human gladly dived in but came to the surface screaming. Eventually, only his skeleton remained. Herobrine, being Immortal like Notch realized that the regular humans could be killed. He smiled. He then emptied the pit of Lava and took the Human's skeleton to his house. he worked with it, placing a Dark Spell within the skeletons skull, and it awoke. it said, "I shall serve you, or you have brought our evil into this world. Now, it shall replace these filthy humans!" He then gave the Skeleton a Bow and arrows and said "Kill." the creature did as it was told, and wen into the world, firing it's bow at the Humans the all panicked and many were killed. Notch came to check on the scene. He saw the corpse and yelled, "HEROBRINE! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!?" Herobrine responded, "I've started to replace your rule, dictator!" he left and took all the corpses with him, he opened a secret portal to what he called "The Nether." in which dark spirits were kept. they came to his Fortress and possessed the bodies, coming under his rule. The creatures (Which he dubbed: "Zombies.") had begun to attack the outer cities, and made the Humans begin to serve him. after conquering many cities, the First human had developed a new tool to combat the beasts, the Sword. He also created armor to keep the Humans protected. They went to War with Herobrine. taking cites and killing other creatures.Herobrine countered the weapons by Creating the Creeper from cursed grass and lava bits. He then made the Spider by cursing the mysterious white blocks used to create the world. The deaths of humans caused an era of darkness which gace the Monsters the advantage of Enemies with limited sight. however, notch had Parted the sky, revealing the sun again. As soon as the humans noticed the impending ambush, they began to attack, but only once blade pierced an undead's hide, for then the Zombies and Skeletons began to burn under the sunlight, some taking refuge in water or caves. as the humans scoured the world, they found Herobrine in his fortress, hiding. Notch pulled him out and banished him by sending him into the very portal which he got the Dark spirits from. He fell long, but he also managed to make the moon come again, which re-spawned his evil army and nearly brought the Humans extinct. Herobrine now lives somewhere in the Nether, Cursing pigs and Unknowing Spirits (Ghasts) to become his Minions. Notch had been horribly injured by some Undead, and got the First human next to him and said, "I am too badly injured, I must leave to my place of refuge. (I.E. the Aether) He grabbed the First human by the hand, and said "Humans, don't stop fighting, Herobrine shall not in this war i you follow that single rule." and then, he and the First human disappeared in a cloud of Smoke. The Huamns began to panic, wondering who would lead them. Then, one human raised his sword and said, "I am Jeb. I shall lead you, for Notch wanted me to be his predecessor.

    Part 3: Rebuilding :brick:
    As the Human rebels rebuilt, Jeb had spent a long time wondering if there was any way to communicate with Notch once again. He heard a voice that said "Don't worry Jeb, I am still here, but only with my soul. For still having faith in me, I shall grant you a very special gift." and as the voice disappeared, Jeb had noticed Redstone in his hand. Soon after, The Rebels had made new TNT traps and security systems to use against "The Mob." After a good while exploring, Jeb and his other two scouts had seen something in the distance. The came close and said to the Being, "Who are you?" the creature turned around, revealing a human face with no pupils, and it said: "Your Doom."

    Part 4: The Great Battle: :arrow:
    The two scouts charged at Herobrine, only to be burned. Jeb dropped his sword and ran away, trying to warn the city. When he got there, everyone panicked, and ran, some being burned, other eaten by undead, other just died of shock. Herobrine then stared at Jeb, trying to burn him, but he failed, then two beings appeared, the First human, and Notch, both fully clothed with Diamond armor and Diamond swords. After a long battle, Notch had managed to Push Herobrine back into the Nether again, this time separating the Nether and the surface with A large Barrier of an object called "Adminium." Notch looked to the survivors, saying nothing, but he nodded in approval. He and the First human then disappeared. The two vanished in a puff of smoke, leaving nothing behind but a sword with the words which only Jeb could read, which said "Hope."

    Part 5: ???
    Well, there you have it. My backstory to Minecraft. If you want to, you may tell your own part of the story in a reply. Also, please post or message me about any lot holes or questions you may have. Thanks for reading! :smile.gif:

    If anyone would like to use this as the plot for their SMP server, give me credit and please tell me the ip because I would LOVE to play on it! :biggrin.gif:
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