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    Have you ever grown tired of the lonely scenes of a PVP server? Are you sick of servers full of "factions" of about two or three players? Have you wanted more interaction with other players besides smacking the business end of a sword? Well, then this faction is for you. We believe in using a diplomatic approach to other factions before war, using economy to amass wealth without even blowing up a single base. In the words of Rust Reddit user loopuleasa;

    "You can either force people to give you their stuff, or convince people to give you their stuff."


    This clan is all about, you guessed it, trade! We go onto servers with profit and wealth in mind. We only raid when we need, and we prefer making peace with other militaristic factions through trade. We're also happy to help new players on servers, giving them tools, food, and the like to help them get started if they need it! (Especially if they're willing to do some work for us...)

    We're not going to try and make peace across minecraft, of course. We understand that raiding is fun, especially with friends! (And war is profit.)



    1. Don't raid from your own faction.

    2. Listen to your superiors.

    3. Homophobic, racist, sexist, or any kind of derogatory terms will not be tolerated.

    4. Don't put yourself in charge of a trade shop unless a superior has granted you permission.

    5. NEVER sell raid materials (TNT, High level enchants, etc.) to a faction or player unless they have been allied with us for one week and have not attacked us in the past.

    6. Don't sell materials to enemies, under any circumstance.

    7. Skype + Mic is required to join

    8. When in doubt, ask a superior.

    9. Must be at least 16 years of age to join.



    In order to join, fill out the following template and either post it to the thread or message it to me.

    In Game Name:




    Past Clan Experience: (If any)

    How Long have you been playing Minecraft?:

    Skype Username:

    Comments, Questions, or suggestions?



    Currently, the only ranks are Member, Assistant, and Leader. This will change as the clan grows. I, scifidude47, am the leader. You are a member as soon as I approve your application. Assistants will be decided by me, and are considered superior in rank to Members.



    :DORE: Leader: scifidude47

    :goldore: Assistants: None yet!

    :ironore: Members: Just_The_Basix (Not on the forums, pending)



    None yet. We just got started!



    If you want to support the clan, or want to show off your pride as a member, please put "Proud member of the Minecraftian Trade Guild!" In your signature, along with a hyperlink to this thread. Hopefully this will get the word out!


    That's all for now. Thank you for giving this thread a look and I hope you join!


    ALSO! If you have any suggestions for servers we should play on, please let us know in the thread! We prefer newer servers, vanilla or factions, as long as there isn't a bloated economy (everyone has iron or diamond gear, enchanted tools, etc.)

    Servers we play on:

    None yet!

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    Inspired by the youtube series of the same name by MrWoofless.

    Battledome is a simple game mode. There are two teams. Each team has a piece of obsidian. After the start, both teams have 30 minutes to gather materials that they need to fight the enemy team and survive. After 30 minutes, there will be a 1 minute grace period so that players can get into Xbox Live Parties (In order to keep chat private) and once that's over, players are free to attack each other. Your team loses if all of your team members are killed or if your piece of obsidian is destroyed.

    While almost anything goes in these matches, there are a couple rules.

    - Your team's obsidan MUST be placed before the 1 minute grace period is over.

    -You cannot build your base underground.

    -You cannot replace your obsidian with another obsidian (don't mine obsidian)

    -You cannot go to the nether



    If you want to play, post your Gamertag or message it to me. Once there are 8 players (including myself), we can talk about what time we'll set up a game.

    Hope to see you soon!

    (My Xbox Live username is EvilSpaceCat71)

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    Quote from TRicool22»

    I play on a server where griefing and raiding is allowed but still large communities form on this server and are surprisingly stable! Im even part of one.

    Care to message me the IP? I'd like to check it out!

    Yeah, don't get me wrong, raiding will always be fun (when you succeed, of course) But I'd love to see trading work. If you wanted to be sneaky, I bet it'd be worthwhile to bribe others to raid your competitors, hehe

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    To be honest, I've rarely seen it, and I check out new servers pretty often. It's a shame, it's cool to see communities form that aren't just 2-3 friends.

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    As I've played other games similar to minecraft, such as Rust and other mmo survival games, I've discovered that certain people have abandoned the traditional way of killing and raiding anyone that isn't a friend on skype, instead using economic know-how and charisma to win people over, forge alliances, and bask in great stockpiles of resources.

    I've thought of trying this myself, perhaps even making a whole clan based around it, but I wanted to know if it's even worth it.

    Would anyone else try out this play style on a minecraft server? Would you trust traders? Have you seen them in action before? Discuss!

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    Minecraft Username: scifidude47

    Age: 17

    What are some of your favorite things to do in Minecraft?: Build Towns with other players!
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    Username: scifidude47[/b]

    Age: 17[/b]

    What is your favorite thing to do in Minecraft?: I love to build towns with other players! :D[/b]

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    It'd be nice if I got a few comments on this... I hate to be impatient lol

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    Have you ever grown tired of how little effort it can take to survive in what seems like an unforgiving wilderness? Have you ever longed for a Minecraft experience where everything feels like an achievement? Well, hopefully Hearthcraft (if it’s ever made, that is) is right for you!

    Hearthcraft is to be made with survival-oriented players in mind. Crafting is changed, animal spawning and drops are changed, as well as their behavior. Even the mechanics of the inventory are altered in order to make Hearthcraft more about survival and encouraging player cooperation.

    (Hearthcraft is inspired by the popular game; Haven and Hearth (link here, give it a try!))


    What’s Different?

    * Inventory Limit

    - Until you are able to craft a leather chestplate, your inventory is limited to your hotbar and one row in your inventory, for a total of 18 slots. Once you have a leather chestplate, you have full access to your inventory. You may only hold one item per slot (items in Hearthcraft DO NOT STACK.) and you may only hold 2 blocks in your inventory at any given time, 4 once you have a leather chestplate.

    *Mining Time

    -All players are afflicted with Mining Fatigue II, making resource and block gathering a lengthy and time consuming, but rewarding process. It makes it worthwhile to find a group of players willing to help you mine and hold materials.


    -Certain things in the game require particular skills in order to be crafted. You pick four (4) skills to start with upon making a character, and these skills cannot be changed until death. These skills include:

    -Leatherworking: Allows you to make and craft with Leather.

    -Herbalism: Allows you to plant items like trees, flowers, and mushrooms.

    -Animal Husbandry: Allows you to use Leads, tame animals, and breed them.

    -Farming: Allows you to make hoes, till dirt, and plant crop-type plants, including wheat, potatoes, reeds, and cacti.

    -Carpentry: Allows you to craft advanced wooden objects, such as ladders, fences, boats, bowls, wooden pressure plates, and wooden stairs.

    -Stone Working: Allows you to craft advanced stone objects, such as stone bricks, slabs, stone buttons, stone pressure plates, stairs, and levers.

    -Masonry: Allows you to smelt clay and build and craft with bricks.

    -Smithing: Allows you to smelt and craft with metals.

    -Mining: Allows you to use a pickaxe and mine rock and mineral based blocks, such as stone, ore, and gemstones.

    -Jewelry: Allows you to craft with items such as Diamond or Emerald


    -Engineer: Allows you to build Redstone-related objects and place redstone dust.

    -Blade Training: Allows you to use swords of any kind.

    -Armor Training: Allows you to wear iron, gold, and diamond armor.

    -Land Claiming: Allows you to claim land for yourself and your friends, letting you choose who is allowed to build on your land.

    -Tresspassing: Allows you to go onto claimed land and loot chests and open doors, but not break blocks.

    -Powder Making: Allows you to use gravel and sand in order to produce Gunpowder in Droppers.

    * Items and mobs have been changed!

    - Wooden tools cannot be crafted. In order to get cobblestone at the start, you will have to search through grass, which has a small chance of dropping a block of cobblestone when broken, much like seeds, as well as sticks.

    - No “regular” hostile mobs spawn, except for spiders. Spiders and Wolves are automatically aggressive, and Spiders do not drop string. In order to get string, you must use shears on grass, and put the grass on an item frame, and wait.

    -Item frames serve as “Drying Racks” in the game. You need them in order to get leather from hides and make string from cut grass. Cows still drop leather, but the cow spawn rate is greatly decreased in Hearthcraft, and thus, they are very rare. Rabbits and Wolves drop Rabbit Hides, which cannot be directly crafted into leather like in vanilla.

    -In order to make Leather from a Rabbit Hide, you must put a Rabbit Hide on an Item Frame and wait for 3 in-game days (~60 minutes) After this, the Rabbit Hide will glow purple, as if enchanted. At this state, its name will change to “Dried Hide.” Take this hide, look at a body of water, and right click. Every click has a small chance of converting the dried hide to a piece of leather.

    -In order to make string, you must shear a piece of grass (NOT a grass block) and place the sheared grass in an item frame. After 6 in game days (~ 2 hours) the sheared grass will be replaced with a piece of string. Alternatively, once you have sheep, you may shear them, put the wool blocks in a Hopper (which represents a spinning wheel) and after 3 in game days, you will receive 4 pieces of string.

    -In order to make gunpowder, you must place 10 pieces of gravel and sand in a Dropper. You then must wait 10 in-game days (~3 hours, 20 minutes) and a piece of gunpowder will be produced.

    -All animals only drop one piece of their respective meat upon being killed. However, this one piece is guaranteed. You will never kill an animal and not get an item. Wolves drop up to 2 Rabbit Hides and 1 Raw Rabbit, but are always hostile and cannot be tamed. All animals also drop bones. Rabbits, Chickens, and Ocelots drop 0-1 bones. Pigs, Sheep, and Cows drop up to 2 Bones. Wolves drop up to 4 bones.

    -All animals spawn at decreased rates, and Cows are EXTREMELY rare!

    *Minerals spawn at a much lower level!

    -If you want iron, gold, and other underground treasures, you must dig to a much deeper area of the world. You also must have the mining skill!


    -No villages, no dungeons, no temples. Every structure in the world is built and maintained by players. The Nether is also disabled.

    -If you have the “Land Claiming” skill, you can claim land which only you and permitted friends may build and edit. The more people you allow to edit, the higher amount of land you can claim. If your character is killed by any means, your land claim is gotten rid of. The same happens if you do not log in for 30 days. You must have used a bed at least once in order to claim land.

    *If you are killed, you start ALL OVER

    -If you die, no matter what, you must start over. You lose your inventory, your skills must be picked again, and any land claims that you control are lost. The only thing that Beds are good for in Hearthcraft are allowing players to skip to day and, when used, they allow you to create a land claim.

    As you can guess, this game would be VERY challenging to play by yourself. Even if you played as a lone bandit, killing everyone you met and only worrying about yourself, you would still take a long amount of time to get anywhere. As such, the game is designed in order to greatly encourage players to collaborate in order to survive and thrive in the game. Make villages, befriend others, and maybe eventually, have your own thriving empire!

    NOTE: As much as I’d like this idea to exist, I do not have any programming skills. If any programmer happens upon this thread and would be interested in making it, please contact me!

    Comments, suggestions, and criticisms are all welcome! Discuss freely! (Within the range of reason and politeness, of course)

    Thanks for checking this out!

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    (An ongoing, unfinished parody of "The War of the Worlds" by H.G. Wells.)

    Chapter 1: The Eve of the Withering

    Nobody would've believed in our lifetime, that our activities were being watched from the mythical world of The Nether. As we went about our various little affairs, mining, building, and having the occasional, unimportant war between a few, we were being watched for lethargy, analyzed and spied upon so that our strengths would be known and our weaknesses could be exploited. Few of us had even dreamed of the possibility of a creature as powerful as the fabled Ender Dragon, but in much greater numbers. Those of us who had the fortune of living in a powerful clan or faction had the near guarantee of complete safety from the brigand armed with stone or iron, or anything else, even if the Ender Dragon would come to The Overworld. Perhaps it was possible that the chickens we slaughter without forethought had thought the same in the times before we domesticated them. As we fancied ourselves the rulers of our realm, as we thought ourselves invulnerable, minds and beings greatly beyond us had looked to this world, full of life, with envious eyes, and slowly and surely, they drew their plans against us.

    I had been in my clans' base, the owners of which had become so sure of themselves as to build it above the soil, as they supposedly 'tired of toiling in the rocks like those who fear us' to quote. We had a massive castle, a fortress of obsidian and stone bricks, manned by what must've been near fifty warriors, clad in armor with the greatest enchantments and arrows which would strike true, blades that could slice through iron armor like a shovel through dirt. Everything about our clan and its members was designed specifically for conquering other players, giving my clan some dominion over the vast region of the realm we called our own. We had spent our days in merriment, eating the finest steak we could produce and spending our hours annihilating the small alliances who dared to challenge our rule. We had, for a time, thought ourselves as gods, never to be defeated and forever to be feared.

    It all seemed so perfect.

    Chapter 2: The First Appearance

    I had been in my garden, harvesting a fresh watermelon, when the first of the hooded ones appeared. It had been a simple evening, with no interference with our usual activity. and I had simply taken the day to relax. I find it so confusing, now, that I hadn't been helping the others to further fortify the base. Although I was assured in our safety by what must have been four-block thick obsidian walls, I still feel as though I wish I had done something at that time, as fruitless as it would've been.

    As I plucked another watermelon, I heard a loud, strange woosh somewhere outside of the walls. It took me a moment to smile, and realize that what I had just heard was not but another Nether Portal being opened. I had relaxed my muscles for a moment before our leader had called us to the south wall.

    I had taken my bow and arrow from my room, hurrying to the battlements. I was rather confused as to why the leader seemed to urgent, especially considering that all we saw once we reached the top of the wall was a small group of people, clothed only in black robes. I would've laughed had it not been for my leader's presence. I drew my bow, ready to end what I thought would be an ill-fated uprising.

    "Intruders!" My leader hailed the people below. They did not respond.

    "If you choose not to leave, we will have to open fire." He smirked.

    The hooded faces only responded by revealing bags filled with soul sand. I pondered the reasoning behind this, as I, as most of my clan members did, believed soul sand to be a nearly useless material, only useful for growing Nether Wart for potions. Why the invaders had it in such great supply boggled my mind.

    They began to construct with the material, eventually molding it into a T-shaped structure. It looked like no display we had seen before. Were they trying to communicate? Had they no tongues?

    My leader did not speak. He must've not have seen what a threat we were watching be formed.

    A few hooded figures revealed black skeleton skulls from their sacks, which further confused me. I had not seen a black skeleton before in my travels, so I could only theorize that the skulls were burned.

    They had placed three skulls, equidistant from each other on top of the structure.

    In a moment, a bright flash of blue shown followed by a low chime which all could hear, and the structure began to move upward. We had all frozen in a maddening state of confusion and fear. As it smoothed and formed, the creature, covered in blue light, was right in front of us.

    The three skulls had become flesh-covered heads of similar tone. The soul sand had morphed into a body, which seemed like a ribcage, but thicker and darker. Each head bore eyes with a piercing white stare. It let out a raspy hiss and the light around it exploded, knocking a fair number of fighters off of the battlements.

    Without command we opened fire, sending myriad arrows at the thing which had sent our comrades flying. but it barely acknowledged the arrows that made their mark. It didn't even bleed. One of the heads fired itself at us, quickly regenerating. The head which took flight had exploded upon contact with the leader. His armor had become a dirty black color where the explosion struck, and pieces of it began flaking off like shale or gravel.

    It was only a moment before I realized that it was not the armor, but his own flesh, which was withering away.

    He opened his mouth to yell, but another head hit him, turning his body into black dust. A sudden, unfortunate gust of wind blew the remains into the faces of the archers, who soon broke rank, and I ran too, fearing this supposedly unstoppable force. I fled down a ladder, the top of which was fired upon by the monster, disintegrating it, as well as the few unfortunate soldiers who had fled a moment too late behind me.

    My hopes of eventually defeating the beast was shattered as more explosions were heard, and more monsters just like it began to fly above the wall, destroying more of the wall and those who tried to fight still. I had run for my room, which as deep within another area of the fortress. I fled into a hallway, attempting to ignore the sounds of my comrades screaming as they were turned to dust. I breathed in something, which tasted much like one would think coal tasted, and a flaky substance touched the back of my throat as I ran, but I waited until I was safely inside to gag.

    I closed the door behind me, putting down a few blocks of stone brick to feign security for my own sake. I sat in my room for a while, pacing silently as the sounds of more summoned monsters sounded from outside. I covered my ears, but it did little to cover the dying screams of my fellow fighters as they were turned to dust.

    I eventually barricaded myself into my room with whatever materials I had, starting with Obsidian and eventually using bookshelves to make my room seem abandoned to any invader that may pass through.

    I had ripped some wool from my bed, plugging my ears. I laid down beneath my bed to hide, using a pillow to cover my ears further. I promised myself that I would soon escape this war zone and run to any nearby settlements, even if I had wronged them, to warn them of the coming death.

    The screaming died down, and I eventually drifted into a light, terrified rest.

    Any good so far? This is nowhere near finished :P Please let me know if I should continue!

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    IGN: scifidude47

    Tried joining and my client crashed

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    Trying to get a Dwarven City going!

    You'll find the entrance to it at the following coordinates

    X= 5618 Y= 220 Z= 3205

    You wanna join, just make your way there and be a Dwarf!

    The entrance looks simple, but just follow the ladder down and go down from there.

    For some background story, check out this post in the Bastronull forum: http://bastronull.enjin.com/forum/m/20406256/viewthread/22215824-on-fate-gurstheim

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    java.net.ConnectException: Connection timed out: no further information.

    This is a vanilla server, right?

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    I cannot seem to connect to the server. Is there any possible reason for this?

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    OOC Information (Out of character)[/b]

    In-Game-Name (The one you use to log in to MC) : scifidude47
    Age: 17
    Language you speak: English

    IC Information (In character)[/b]

    Character Name: Gellisur
    Race (We accept traditional fantasy races: Elf, Dwarf, Human, ect): Dwarf
    Age: 170
    Gender: Male, but since Dwarf men and women typically look very similar (at least in my take on them) Gellisur can go by either he or she, and not care which others use.
    Job or Hobby: Profession: Mining and Woodcutting. Hobby: Blacksmithing (Although he's not an expert on it)
    Appearance: Dark Brown hair and a short beard. He wears some basic grey clothes, but will wear armor if he goes spelunking. He wears leather when in the woods, and some level of iron when in the mines.
    Background Story: Gellisur lived a relatively normal life, up until the Rupture came. His father was a woodcutter and his mother was a miner, and he couldn't decide which he wanted to be, so he decided to challenge himself by learning both professions. He spent most of his days within the mountain halls of his own home, going out with his father to the forests when he wanted to learn woodcutting.

    When the Rupture came, his parents were both killed in battle. As the continents were split apart, he found himself alone, and the mountain halls that were once his home had caved in, as if all of the work that he and his ancestors did was undone overnight.

    Believing that this was the end of his world, he wanders the continents carefully, avoiding monsters, stopping at a town to barter the resources that he has gathered for food, shelter, and other necessities. He hopes to eventually find more of his kind, but until then, his dream is to find a safe town to settle down in, and try to live a peaceful life. If taking up arms and fighting The Watchers again is what that takes, he will brandish the sharpest axe he can find and go to battle, even if that costs him his life.

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