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    Yo guys, Sorry but this isn't around anymore =P This was back in 2013, I've since stopped playing on the Xbox.

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    posted a message on [Collection] Mithey's Maps ~ Terra Restore and More!

    If it's mostly finished and you plan to more, I think TR2 Alpha is a suitable name


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    posted a message on Minecraft "Ultra-Hardcore" Survival Server/Community- Looking for more players! Online/Active Everyday!
    Hello to everyone reading this thread. So recently the new update was released and it added the option to turn off natural regeneration of health :D I'm currently hosting a Survival world that will ALWAYS be on Hard Mode, Natural Regen off, No Host Privellages. I've got a small community/player base, But am looking to add more players to the server. If you're interested in joining within the community/World Answer the following here, Or message me on Xbox. GT: schultzy2233
    Rules/Other stuff:

    • No Greifing, No stealing, No Killing other players for "fun". You're only allowed to kill them if you catch them stealing, greifing, etc.

    • You must need a mic to join the server. If you have a kinect mic that does not Echo/Sound Awful, that is fine.

    • No Racism/Offensive remarks to be made.

    • Unless given permission, don't build right next to someone else's build. If you're doing this and said player makes a complaint, You'll be asked to move.

    • Must be over the age of 13. Sorry, But we've had too many bad experiences with the younger players who join.

    • Have fun! Enjoy your time, Get to know some people, Help build an awesome community! :D

    How long can you be on for?:
    What your best at in MC/What your worst at in MC:

    • My Gamertag: schultzy2233

    • Skype (Can send Application here as well): imschultzy2233
    Will be checking this thread every day ^_^ If my Friends List or that is full, Just give me a heads up. Thanks :D

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    posted a message on smp on hard co-op inviting
    IGN Troolpigue

    Age: 16

    I want to play because i want to meet new people and have fun
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    posted a message on Need creative players for new realm
    IGN Troolpigue

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    posted a message on Minecraft realm invite for |Survival realm|
    IGN Troolpigue


    Skype: No

    I want to join because i like playing on small servers and not huge ones
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    posted a message on Looking for Dedicated Players to Join a Medieval Roleplaying Server

    I want to join cause i sounds like a awesome idea and i would be so happy to join
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    posted a message on Love Survival and Building? Friendly and Mature? Come Join Us!
    IGN: Troolpigue

    I am on every day and i have been playing Minecraft for 2 years now

    Im 13 years old and hate griefers
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    posted a message on My Minecraft Realm Server
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    posted a message on my survival realm is finished
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    posted a message on Looking for a Reliable Host: 3-4GB
    So small backstory note. I currently have a server hosted under McPro Hosting. Myself and the other owners of the server have felt like were not receiving what were paying if that makes sense. We've decided to currently look for a new host. All we want is someone who will provide us with a reliable connection, and can provide us with what we need. Our server is a PvP/Factions, So a stable connection is something that is really needed.for our community. Currently our server is running 3.5GB so we'd like to stay around there and/or Upgrade if possible.

    So if you think you can provide us with a reliable host, Please let me know!

    If you wish to talk on skype, my name to add would be: imschultzy2233

    Thanks !
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    posted a message on Rekonic PvP/Factions: Looking for Builders and Moderators.
    Recently myself and 3 other friends have created a PvP/Factions server. We are looking for a few builders to help us complete spawn, PvP Arena, and a few other small builds. We have the majority of spawn built, You can see our progress here: http://imgur.com/a/1ite7 and http://imgur.com/a/BbBS6

    For staff we are looking for 1-3 players who would be active in moderating the server preventing Disrespectful players, Hackers, etc. If you'd like to apply for staff please fill out the following here or send it to me on skype:

    • Age
    • IGN
    • Past Experience?
    • How often can you be on?
    • What Timezone do you currently live in?
    • Skype?
    • Why would you like to be staff?
    • Any additional information we should know?
    You can contact me on my skype at: imschultzy2233

    Thanks and hope to meet some soon to be Staff/Builders (:
    *note* Builder's don't need the application. Just comment or add me on skype, and provide some sort of pics of past builds*
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    posted a message on PvP and Factions Server! Looking to Recruit Coders,Builders, and 1-3 Moderators
    Quote from Grrrrr231
    Reason for wanting this position:I want people to see what I build and I figure I can help
    Experience:well I have made a bunch of stuff and i have had a lot of practice
    Contact info:email is [email protected] I have team speak and Skype
    Dedicated time:I don't have one I am on a lot
    What you can bring:building skills
    Proof of work:on Skype I can send u some pics of what I've done

    Skype: imgrrrrr231

    I wasn't able to find you on skype. The skype directory came up with nothing.
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    posted a message on PvP and Factions Server! Looking to Recruit Coders,Builders, and 1-3 Moderators
    Hello there! At this point in time, Myself and a group of friends are currently in the process of creating a server dedicated to PvP, Factions and other gamemodes that are related to PvP. Right now we are in need of the following: People who know how to code plugins, Builders for a hub and actual server, Developers, and possibly Staff..

    We do ask that you do have skype, as that is our easiest/fastest way of contacting.

    Possible rewards at this time include the title of your job Such as [Builder], [Dev.], etc. We will also give you commands that other members wouldn't have access to generally. More rewards are being discussed through the team. if you have an idea, feel free to let me know.

    You're application can either be submitted on here, or to myself on skype at: imschultzy2233

    Application format is below:

    Reason for wanting this position:
    Contact info:
    Dedicated time:
    What you can bring:
    Proof of work:

    Good luck to all and hope to get some new people on board! :D

    Skype: imschultzy2233
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    posted a message on Looking for Sponsor to Host Factions/PvP Server
    Currently myself and 3 others are looking to create a well running PvP/Factions server. We want to attract players who love PvP Games and that love factions. At this time, Were looking for a sponsor that can provide hosting for us. Listed below is all my general information I feel Hosting company's should know.

    1. Your age: I am 17 years old.

    2. Name of proposed server: RekonicPvP

    3. How much RAM you want: We’d like to start with around 4-6GB of RAM for the server. 1GB of RAM is dedicated to normal server functions and plugins. 3GB would be dedicated to player slots(That can be changed to match plugin), and the remaining dedicated to other server needs.

    4. How many player slots: I’m asking for 20-30 player slots in the start. If we attract players to the server and end up needing more player slots, We can discuss upgrading our current plan.

    5. Describe your server idea: We want to create a PvP Server. We’ll be starting with a Factions server and moving on from there if all goes well. In the future we’d like to add things such as Hunger games, Skywars, and other PvP based games for people. We want a PvP server that is evenly balanced and allows all players to learn the basics and other advanced skills they’ll need. We’ll have a “Challenges” area where players can complete tasks in order for Ingame $ to purchase items/Loot they’d like.

    6. Why you want this server: We’d like to have this server because were all dedicated PvP players who have been playing factions/PvP games for a few years now. The server we’ve been with for a while now, has recently started to show some serious management issues and it’s affecting the server greatly. We’d like to have full control of a server so we don’t have to worry about management issues and other “Drama” that usually occurs. Also it’d be something I can dedicate my time to every day.

    7. Donation Plan: At this point in time, We are applying for the Sponsor request. Due to the EULA changes, it makes it hard for donations. We were considering adding in buyable “Cosmetics” such as trails, pets, “Build help”, etc. Things like that. Players can buy these on the website store, if/when we create a site for it. Donations will be used for paying for the server of course.

    8. Do you already have a community? If so, how many active players? If not, how will you be getting players? : Yes I currently do. I run a Minecraft based Facebook group, It contains daily posts and discussions about Minecraft content whether it is based off of the PC, Xbox, or any console. We are currently sitting at 6000 followers on the page and are growing fast every day. I can send you page insights if you wish to see our growth progress. I also participate in many different types of social media that can easily attract Minecraft players if this page fails to do so. I can work with YouTube friends who aren’t quite “up there yet” but still have a decent amount of subscribers and are gaining faster. This will allow subscribers to play and interact with the youtubers who they enjoy watching.

    9. What makes your server special? Most factions server’s you see all consist of the same thing. Players who are 100x stronger than everyone and rule the server and nobody stays on it for very long. We plan to give our server a “PvP Twist”. There will be challenges that players can work to complete. These challenges are made up of several Categories. Whether that is “Amount of kills, Faction power gained, etc.” or even something as simple as completing a parkour course. When a player has completed the challenge they are rewarded with in-game money to use at the shop. The shop will contain as many items as we can fit that we see suitable for the server. That way, Players who are new to PvP have a chance and gaining some rewards and loot that they can use to get a start. We believe this concept will make players stay longer, invite their friends, and attract more people into the server.

    10. Is there a reason why you can't pay for this server? : Yes, at this time, we all don’t have full time jobs and the needed payment in order to pay for the server. We discussed payment options and we were stuck at a budget of around $10/Month. Knowing that won’t be enough, we have decided to apply for the sponsorship.

    11. What is your preferred method of contact? Skype? PM?: The fastest and easiest way to contact me is via skype: imschultzy2233

    12. What you will do for the company in return: I can provide my advertisements of the hosting through all of my social media outlets that are based in the Minecraft Community. I'd set the server host as a "Sponsor" as well as a link to the server hosting website within the page information, as we can do weekly/Monthly posting's for the audience to see. We are willing to advertise you through the main Hub Building of the spawn that all players must come through in order to go to the actual main server. If/When we decide to create a website, Full Advertisement will be done that.
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