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    Decimation Overgrown is one of Minecraft's most realistic Zombie Apocalypse Mods, consisting of Weapons, Vehicles, Zombies and tense survival. With customization for weapons and armor, you are your own unique character. Roleplay is very encouraged, especially on the official servers.

    Installation and Download:
    Click the link below to Download, then place the latest .jar into your "/mods" folder (Make sure that you have installed Forge!)

    Download Decimation - Compatible with Minecraft 1.7.10 and Forge 1.7.10 (Latest Recommended Build)



    This Mod Includes:
    Custom Arsenal of Weapons (Including Knives, Sniper Rifles, Shotguns, Machine Guns, Sub-Machine guns, Pistols and More!) Custom Zombie Mob (with special Apocalypse-enhanced AI and Sound) Custom Armor (Including various Military-based armors and uniforms

    Extra Information:

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    posted a message on DECIMATION - Zombie Apocalypse - Guns - Vehicles - Tanks - Zombies - Large Open World

    Decimation 3.0 is fully-updated apocalypse modpack, consisting of Zombies, Weapons and Vehicles. Your main priority is to travel along the vastly decimated city-scape and avoid the zombie infection. You will encounter friends and foe, which will change your storyline and path of survival.

    With customisable weapons and armour, you are your own unique character. Roleplay is very encouraged, especially on the official servers.

    To Play/Download: Start your Technic Launcher and search for "Decimation" in the Search Bar. Click on the Modpack from the results and click the "Install" button. Or click Here to Download

    Slow PC or game is lagging? Click Here to download Decimation LITE

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    Minecraft Heroes and Generals is a recreation of the well known World War 2 Game, "Heroes & Generals". In no way is this mod-pack affiliated with the official game, only a Minecraft look-alike with some of the awesome key features! The game merges Minecraft with an epic first-person shooter/tactical strategy game-play. All decisions that you make have the power to change the game-play and the tide of an on going war between hundreds of online players.

    Players can choose their side, class and armour before heading out into a large open battlefield. Games are uniquely balanced with the use of our ground-breaking ranking system, in which players can earn XP by completing tasks, allowing them to rank up and become a professional. You can add/remove friends, join their game and play together cooperatively.

    We couldn't have started this project without the help of BeastNode along the way. Thanks to BeastNode for hosting our servers for us and allowing us to maintaina our staff and systems without any problems. You can check out BeastNode server hosting at http://www.beastnode.com/

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    posted a message on [1.7.10][Forge] NamCraft | 3D Weapons/Helicopters! Landmines! Barbed Wire! Spikes! and More! (WIP)
    a Mod by ScottehBoeh!

    Current Version: 4.0 Early Alpha


    How to Download/Install:

    • Download and Install Forge for 1.7.10 (Or required version for version of Mod)
    • Download NamCraft Mod for 1.7.10 (Or required version for version of Forge)
    • Place the NamCraft Mod JAR File into "Mods" Folder (Mods Folder is created when Minecraft is ran in Forge once)
    • Start Game and Hurrah!

    Crafting Recipes:

    (Normal and Wet)

    Sandbag Stacks:
    (Nomal and Wet)

    (For crafting various Traps/Fortifications)

    Metal Floor Spikes:

    Barbed Wire:

    Cooked Porta-Meal:

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    posted a message on ALPHA ★ Heros and Generals ★ - World War 2 Modpack | ★ Team Deathmatch ★ | ★ Capture Points ★ | ★ Ranks and Custom Weapons! ★
    Server Update!

    + Fixed the Problem with Map Deforming and Corruption!

    + Adding new Snow Armor as teams instead of Original! Merry Christmas!
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    Warning: This is a BETA release of the Map, This is NOT the full map.

    We've decided that before we release the proper map, we will release a demo version first. This is the demo version. You can play through the first episode of the map, (The part leading up to the climax)

    Incoming Transmission:
    A destress signal was recieved from a large resort ship. We lost connection after 10 minutes and haven't heard from them for 15 years. We have finally found the ships location and have sent you and your team of specialists to explore the ship and find out what had happened. Take all percautions, we have no idea who is onboard.

    Map Requirements:
    1. Minecraft Version 1.7.10
    (We are still testing the stability of the map for other version)
    2. MCPatcher
    (This is required, If you wan't to play the map with full experience, INSTALL THIS)

    Map Download
    (The map used for the Adventure Map)

    ResourcePack Download
    (The Resource pack required to play the map properly. Thanks to SMP for creating SMP2263!)

    Recommended Video Settings:
    Graphics: Fancy
    Smooth Lighting: Maximum
    3d Anaglyph: OFF
    GUI Scale: (Any)
    Brightness: Moody
    Particles: All
    Fllscreen: (Any)
    Mipmap Levels: 4
    Render Distance: 5 Chunks
    Max Framerate: (Any)
    View Bobbing: On
    Advanced OpenGL (Any)
    Clouds: Off
    Server Textures: (Any)
    Use VSync: (Any)
    Anisotropic Filtering: (Any)

    YouTubers/Video Makers:

    This is a BETA version of the map, there's not much point of making a lets play until we have release the full map. This is just for reviews, comments and suggestions for the map. Bugs you find and all sorts.

    85% Complete

    Founder: Scazzum | ResourcePack: SMP | ResourcePack Patch+Additional Textures: Scazzum | Builders: Scazzum, Waffler, Tritondude12, Nova_Bomber, Chaos_Poseidon, Zoekanstrup, Ratboygames
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    posted a message on ♕ ★ TREEBORN ★ ♕ Muskets/Pistols ♕ Herobrine ♕ Magic Wands ♕ Races ♕ Battles ♕ Freebuild/Survival
    Server Ip:

    Server Teamspeak:

    Server Advertisements Maintaned with AdCraft

    Server Proudly Hosted by VeryGames.net

    Server Donations Maintained and Hosted by BuyCraft.net
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    SERVER IP: sstmc.on.vg
    Teamspeak: sstts.on.vg

    StarShip Troopers Minecraft is a high successing Federal Military based server, consisting on all features shown in the Starship Troopers Game and Movies.

    People from all over Minecraft are joining up to fight for their Freedom. Do your part! Join now and take out the overgrowing Bug species known as Arachnids. Arachnids have taken over earth, leaving us no choice but to reform the Mobile Infantry, Increase in numbers and take back our Planet!

    Federal Ranking System

    The Federal Ranking System is an Automated Ranking System found on our server. Depending on how long you have spent on the server, the ranking system will automatically promote you after a sertain amount of time. This means that you will be fairly ranked on how long you spend playing on our server.

    The Orange ranks are Reserved, Black ranks are Promotable (Reachable inGame)

    Rank InsigniaMobile Infantry / MarinesSpace Fleet (Coming Soon)


    Lieutenant General
    Vice Admiral

    Major General
    Rear Admiral






    Rank InsigniaMobile Infantry / MarinesSpace Fleet (Coming Soon)

    Master Sergeant
    Senior Chief Petty Officer[7]

    Tech Sergeant
    Chief Petty Officer

    Staff Sergeant
    Petty Officer First Class

    Petty Officer Second Class

    Petty Officer Third Class



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    posted a message on FlappyChicken - A FlappyBird Recreation! (An actual Game!)

    Have you found the Easter-egg?

    FlappyChicken is a recreation of the FlappyBird game!

    Your mission is to Fly your Chicken through as many grass blocks as possible without going over or under! This is hard and may take some time!

    Game created by Scazzum!
    (GamingKilt YouTube)

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    posted a message on [1.7+] =--{ ♫ } PianoCraft { ♫ }--= | CHORDS | NOTES |

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