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    posted a message on Searching for creative server
    I am looking for a WoK type of server that runs on MCPE 0.9.5 and is white listed. I am a skilled builder and I actually am a builder on the World Of Keralis creative server. If there is a server such as this please PM me so I can join.
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    posted a message on [Accepting Requests] My Ported Maps!
    If possible, can you do Warp Cliff side from the World Of Keralis server? If so, please pm me the link. Please and thank you. Really want to get some more inspiration and computer is broken atm. Or if that is too hard because its on a server, I would love if you could do this http://www.mediafire.com/?45jq0b878nhfm04.
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    posted a message on LGND Flows HD
    I may have installed wrong please tell me what I did wrong. All of my grass blocks have stone textures on them and the leaves are blue and sometimes even purple. Please help me..
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