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    posted a message on D3matt's Technic Pack/Tekkit Server
    IGN (Minecraft Name): sbminer
    age: 13
    Have you played any Technic pack mods before: no
    Have you ever been banned before: no, I promise im not lieing
    What do you want to get out of this server: I want to learn the basics of the Technic Pack and have fun while doin it
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    Reg'ai's childhood
    As a child,Reg'ai would run around the tents as his dad would sell products. His mom would find herbs and hunt. This is where Reg'ai learned to shoot a bow. One day,Reg'ai's father was teaching him about the caravan ways when they heard his mother scream. Reg'ai and his father ran towards the woods and saw his mother with a big bite wound in her chest and a forest troll standing above her.The troll started charging but had 3 arrows in its head before it stepped 5 feet.Reg'ai was not the same then on.
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    This is my elongated Biography

    Reg'ai was a khajiit caravan trader. He traded all throughout Elswere.He mostly sold weapons and armor with his father.He became skilled with daggers and bows by fending of bandits and wild beasts while going from city to city.One day, he was by the border of Elswere and Skyrim. A big group of Nord bandits ambushed him and his father.His father was stabbed to death by the leader. Reg'ia had to flee across the border to Skyrim to escape the bandits. All he had where his steel dagger and his bow. Soon he came across the city of Whiterun.......
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    Time you can dedicate to server weekly-changes
    Do you have teamspeak? If no will you get it?-anything to join this server
    What is the fifth Server Law?- no sharing of acount info
    Why do you want to join our server?Skyrim AND minecraft, count me in!

    RP example-
    Store Clerk"Hello. you got that Golden Claw?"
    Reg'ai pulls ou the Golden Claw.
    Store Clerk"Great! Thank you, heres some pay for your deed"
    Reg'ai takes a pot, puts it on the store clerk's head, and steals the claw.
    Biography- Reg'ai was a Kahjiit trader. He was especially good at dagger fighting and archery.While he was on the border of Elswere and Skyrim, he decided to hop the border and go to Skyrim for adventure.Little did he know how much his life would change from his actions.
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