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    posted a message on Requesting 2 texture packs

    Thanks ill give this one a try : )
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    posted a message on Requesting 2 texture packs
    Im looking for two texture packs thats works with 1.8 the two textures packs im looking for is a japanese themed one and a Everquest 1 themed one (percificly Qeynos area or Neriak)
    Thanks in advance for anyone who willing to help me : )
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    posted a message on Ideas for Texture Packs?
    Quote from Nalok

    An Everquest pack would be nice.

    Would love to see an Everquest one.
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    posted a message on Mobs are to easy imo
    Quote from barteke22

    Yea, it's little bit easy now. Exept silverfish, if you remove 1 block they are hiddin in all nearby will come out, they are fast and hard to hit. But it's hard to find them...

    Well cool atleast one mob will be entertaining would be nice if all the mobs were somewhat hard.
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    posted a message on enderman reactions
    Im like o look and enderman walk up next to it and hiut ti twice with my sword and it died before it could react.
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    posted a message on Exactly how rare is this stuff
    Quote from JrvUnleashed


    Been playing SMP Minecraft 1.8(.1) for like a week now, at least a few hours a day, expanding 2 day cycles worth of walking in every direction and I have YET to see:

    -Wolves(Not a single one)
    -Enderman moving player-made blocks.

    How rare is this stuff?

    Wolves - i havant seen many of them
    Villages - i have 5 of them within 5 min run of where im building my fort
    Stronghold - yet to find but i havant realy gone looking for them yet
    Enderman - has moved a couple of my cobble stone but i just replace them with to half block cobblestone and they havant touched them. Takes half a second to put the stone abck that they moved aswell.
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    posted a message on Mobs are to easy imo
    After 1.8 with the parry, sprint and bow dmg increase i find killing mobs not as enjoyable.
    bow = charge to max fire mob get knock back while it being knock back you can charge the bow to max again and fire it before the mob hits the ground and its dies.
    bow 2 = when mob/mobs get close sprint back a little bit fire two fully charge arrows at one mob killing it then repeat til all dead
    Sword1 = sprint hit sprint hit mob dead
    Sword2 = when mob close parry then run back a bit then do what above
    Sword/bow = charge with sword hit it switch to bow shoot the fully charge arrow at the mob before it gets to you again.
    And enderman is just a joke = walk next to it look at it and swing twice enderman dead, or shoot 2 fully charge arrows at it aim above it ehad so it doesnt agro on the first arrow, or just drop a bucket of water next to it.
    Havant found any silver fish yet so cant comment there
    Any dmg you may take from the occasion skeleton archery hitting you is quickly regenerated from max food.

    All i ask for is harder mobs on the hardest difficulty, and keep norm diff for thsoe who dont want a challenge.
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    posted a message on Do you miss 1.7?
    Quote from flyingarticles

    YO dudes wazzup.
    I was just thinking about things that got removed or improved in 1.8 which i don't really like.
    1.Fog key( Now it's f3+f, why notch?)
    2.Damned Endermen( **** me pants)
    3.Cave Spiders ( Seriously? 1x1?)
    4.Oceans( I freaking spawned on an island with no trees in an ocean)
    5.EXP ( Use: None. Minecraft=RPG No way!)

    What do you think? :SSSS: :SSSS: :dry.gif:

    1 - never realy used it
    2 - just kill them you can kill them before they can do anything one walk up next to em with a diamond sword turn and swing twice and it dies before it reacts, 2 get a bow aim above it head fire twice dead, 3 walk next to it witha bucket of water drop it on its feet. any many more ways to kill it ebfore it reacts to attack you, its currently the easiest mob to kill, there lots of ways aswell to stop it picking up blocks if you use half block or stairsit cant pick them up
    3 - maa just dig through the wall up next to it and kill there spawner, i am yet to see spawner respawn so they stop spawning for good.
    4 - If you dont wanna spawn in an island delete the world and remake it, whats that like 5 seconds of work to make a new world if you dont like the island life, alot of people like the islands and having large bodies of water.
    5 - No use currently but its nice to know what lvl you got to in survival mode till something killed you, although i wish it would show you what lvl you are currently bar just resets when it hits the end so i need to keep track of that mytself.
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    posted a message on Cave Spiders - Really? Poison EVERY time they hit you? Discuss.
    i reckon they should have about a 20% chance to poisen you on hit.
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    posted a message on Weird glitch or purposely there?
    Quote from Kedawei_Takuyaki

    I was just messing around in creative mode and realized that you can now break bedrock! At first I was thinking
    "WHAT THE HELL??!?!?!?!" I explored the kind of pitch black void and realized you can also die if you go to the very bottom. Is it supposed to be like that?

    I would assume yes because you can also place bedrock, and if you accidently place it you will need a way to remove it. I think it fine imo its your choice to remove the bedrock at the bottom of the map so no one else to blame if u fall it. can also use that to develop traps aswell nothing like a pitfall into the void.
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    posted a message on Blue torches?
    Quote from apachey

    I just answer with short phrases.

    Embed Removed: https://www.minecraftforum.net/linkout?remoteUrl=http://i469.photobucket.com/albums/rr53/apachey927/particles.png
    if that particles is rain - im herobrine, ok?

    Its your breathing bubble that you make when ur under water.
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    posted a message on Enderman Is Sabotage!
    Quote from RedRainn

    It's a good idea in theory, but I'll show you a picture of my death factory, and you'll understand why I'm not exactly thrilled at the idea of rebuilding it all with obsidian...

    MC edit = replace wood planks with 2x wooden half blocks enderman cant pcik up the half bricks ontop of each other it would apear.
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    posted a message on Scared!
    Quote from hacimtheawesome

    True the game is a lot harder now then it used to be.
    And Endermen are far worse than zombies and skeletons. If they are worse than creepers it would be a no from me. Nothing can beat a creeper ... except maybe Han Solo.

    zombies are harder than an enderman in my option.
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    posted a message on Vines: The new wild fire.
    I like how the vines work there growth rate may need tweek but i havant looked into it to much, yet.
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    posted a message on The most boring part of Minecraft? Oceans.
    Craftable block = shipyard

    Builds boats these boats travel faster than the current raft, some boats have cannons on.

    Add new mob pirate ship these ships travel in the open sea and can only be harmed by ship you build, Drops a wood and a chest of goodies when killed.
    Add pirate villages, these village are generated on islands in the ocean and occasionly on the mainland bordering an ocean, these villages may have a chest and contain new mobs pirates which weild various weapons (bow, Sword and any other weapon added in the future) the weapons range from stone to diamond the dmg they do varies from the weapon they have, They have a small chance say 10% to drop the weapon they are using on death.
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