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    posted a message on witchery + thaumcraft 4 + blood magic + botany pvp secrets

    so im playing on 1.7.10 Minecraft server with lots of mods but witchery, blood magic, botany, tc 4 and a lot of addons to it are the most important mods here.

    I want someone to share some overpowered things for pvp that I can use.

    i know a lot of strong and op items, things like str 4 + def 4 potions from blood magic that has 8 uses and can be repaired by thaumic restorer since 8 uses works like durability, item saving potions from witchery and all other cool effects from witchery, torment dimension from witchery too, Avada kedavra, leonard's urn, saturation effect + moonshine effect from witchery for immortality.

    that's some of things that i know and can share with u, but there is still players better than me, i want u to share something cool that i can use for pvp.

    there is one player that carry dark element with him that gives him and all creatures/players near him blindness but somehow he don't have it so if anyone know how to remove blindness tell me pls, also same person can give some of effects to people who come near him without doing anything, like slowness and what is the most important ''remove buffs' effect from witchery so literally if someone come close to him they get blindness and other bad effects and their buffs like inventory save effect disappear, i really don't know how to do it so if any one know how pls tell me. thx

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