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    posted a message on MCX360 Launches Today!
    I don't have the map sadly because it was built on multiplayer. But I have some cool screenshots! check them out! It was all built by me(ryryrockband13) and my brother (brownbaseball[You will see him at the crafting table acting like a person in multiplayer for MCX360!!])
    So xited!!

    P.S. I can't seem to upload the pictures so I will send you to my planet minecraft project of it. Dont worry. It still has all the pictures =)

    The ID is:http://www.planetminecraft.com/project/mcx360/
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    posted a message on Zen Village (Towny, Iconomy, Citizens, Chestshop, and more!)
    Favorite Medieval fantasy novels or movies:Cant think of any right now but I love fantasy stuff.
    Moderator Experience:Alot on a person named saculoop's server.
    What you do best in Minecraft: Build(Decor/Redstone)
    Why should you be a mod?: To help with whatever you need.
    Lastly, tell me a little about yourself: I love Purple, and play alot of sports.

    P.s. Thanks brown. Lol Im his brother....
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    posted a message on GroundWars (SDKS GUNS) CTF WARS 2.0 (Redesigning)
    What is your ingame minecraft name..??
    How old are you?
    When did you Buy Or download minecraft?
    About two superbowls ago
    Is there anything special you wanted to do or test out besides the game?
    No I just want to play
    Do you promise to follow the rules and be somewhat polite to people..??
    Did you come here with a friend
    No. But i am inviting someone if thats okay.
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    posted a message on Looking for lawless servers supporting cjb mod and cheating
    I agree and also have been looking for a server like this. Its hard bro. Lol...
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    posted a message on Alagon Roleplaying Server
    This guy doesnt reply to anythings. Its been almost a year. LoL
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    posted a message on [Req] Girl, Midevil, Merchant.
    Ty. Glad you like it :) and okay I will try to add more stuff to the clothes next time
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    posted a message on [Req] Ship map

    Im looking for a map with no adventure or anything just a village and sea port with a bunch of ships in it. Me and my friend would like to use it for a server. I've got some things I would like.

    -Ships lined up to attack each other
    -One ship bigger than rest
    -All gallons
    -Cannons out of dispensers and cannon balls are the ghast firbals
    -Sea port in sight
    -Village beside seaport
    -Chests found at docks to server as cargo. (Maybe with wheat or apples maybe even ingots in them.)
    -A hotel(With at least 8 rooms)
    -Lighthouse that works(Using redstone lampps and has a switch)

    Thank you for reading.
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    posted a message on Diamonds in one world
    Muliplayer:I think like 20 in one cave.
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    posted a message on [Req] Girl, Midevil, Merchant.
    Here you go hope you like it:
    http://www.minersneedcoolshoes.com/2011 ... evil-girl/
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    posted a message on [Req] Girl, Midevil, Merchant.
    I can try.......
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    posted a message on Alagon Roleplaying Server
    Character Name (First and last): Legna Light

    Character Bio: A mage elf learn magic from a man named mako. Is a young playful boy but yet strong and ready to face evil.

    Race (Dwarf, Elf, Human): elf

    Fighting style: bow or arrow

    Minecraft user name: ryryrockband13

    Past roleplaying experience: On minecraft none but a LOT and I mean a LOT...on roblox.
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    posted a message on - Gem Lore - [Survival/Roleplay] [DwarfCraft] [MultiVerse]
    IGN: ryryrockband13
    Age: 12
    Why do you want to join this server?: (2-3 sentences, please.) Really bored of never having a server so I want to find one. also finding a whitelisted one is better so no noobs are on. >.<
    Have you ever been banned from a server?: (This won't hurt you in any way.) Yes.
    If so, How?: I fell on a fence and they said I was flying...(What noobs lol)

    Also I want to be an elf, Mage. I could do skins if you tell me what you are looking for...I already have an Epic elf skin that I drew and im wearing it.
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    posted a message on Skřítek (The Elf Clan)
    Why you want to join : Because elfs rule!!!
    In game name : ryryrockband13
    Other names : none
    Desired class or classes : builder
    Timezone and Country : 10:04??(What is that?) USA
    Griefing History : none
    Skype : none (Sorry mom wont let me)
    Can you use talk during Skype calls : no
    Do you own your own server : no
    If so do you have any mods for it : no any not good with server mods
    What do you like to do on the server : have fun with friends and hang out
    Introduction : Hi, my name is ryryrockband13. I love to play with people and build. once I got banned for an odd reason which i think is VERY funny. It said no flying and i fell on a fence. no that said now you are banned for flying. anyways I hope I can join.

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    posted a message on Magic and Spells in minecraft
    Yeah magic would be pretty cool.....Like...Well yeah but you need like mana or magic dust or something to limit it like arrows limit bows......If you want magic NOW and it isnt added try making a texure pack were flint and steel in a fire wand or staff..........But yes I think there should be magic....but really.....stop cussing......
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    posted a message on ░▒▓▌✩✭ DiamondCraft [24/7] [No White List][1.6]★✩▐▓▒░
    Really cool!!! Everyone should join!!!

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