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    I had account here back like in 2012. Here I even found e-mail activation for it. But now there is not even login form? I was forced to create temporary twitch account. Can I log in with my old login and password? or is it just gone now?

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    posted a message on [CTM][Collection] RenderXR's Untold Stories Series

    Just finished corona trials. Have to say that this is probably one of the best CTM maps I ever played. Here's the most outstanding things that I can say about this map:

    1) It has perfect balance. Each area perfectly corresponds to the gear that player should have by reaching it. No area is too easy, but no area is too difficult and overwhelmed with stupidly overbuffed mobs either (well, besides

    Kraken Storm

    maybe, that's just... hell of a difficulty, but it's endmap area so it's fine)

    2) Each area is super unique. You won't find 2 locations that look similar. And each location is not just mcedited and copypasted, but has a lot of detailed work on it for sure.

    3) Shortcut system is 10/10. Even though I'm a fan of railways, command blocks also are pretty good.

    4) Absence of void areas. Void areas are horrible step in map making, they forcing player to either leave their stuff behind to not risk losing it or do tricky boding things like piston bridging. No void areas = very good. You still have a lot of ways to die and lose everything though, but you always have a chance to recover at least something, unlike with void.

    5) Decent amount of gameplay. It's not short map for sure.

    6) Incredible finale.

    Have to say couple words about cons too

    1) Had hard time finding path to new intersection through

    Crystal Redux

    Maybe it's just me, but I ran around entrance few times and then gave up used spectator mode to find it. Well, turns out I was just few steps away from it. Some lighting or so would be nice in such situations.

    2) How in the world should I guess that I should place


    in puzzle area? I mean really, I only was able after I completed map and went ahead to investigate it with creative mode.

    Would recommend that map to play, 10/10 for sure.

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